I received the Dream Big Volumizing Mascara by Pacifica ($16, Ulta) in my last Vegan Cuts Makeup Box (you can click here to check it out btw, it’s a subscription box of FULL-SIZE makeup!).

Lately, this mascara has been my go-to. It claims to be a 7-in-1 mascara, and it also has a unique wand that lengthens and volumizes your lashes — separately. In this review, I’ll tell you more about this feature, and I’ll also tell you if it lives up to the “7-in-1” benefits it promises.

There’s unicorns walking on rainbows on the packaging, can you see that? This mascara better be amazing!

About The Product

  • Brand: Pacifica
  • Animal Testing Policy: Cruelty-Free, PETA-certified
  • Parent Company: N/A
  • Product: Dream Big Mascara
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Price: $16
  • Weight: 0.25 oz
  • Where To Buy: Ulta
  • The Wand

    This is the unique feature: a twistable wand that has 2 settings, one for lengthening and one for volumizing. By twisting the back of the wand, you can adjust the distance between the bristles. Pacifica suggests coating your lashes once on lengthening mode, letting it dry, and applying another coat after twisting the wand to bring it to volumizing mode.

    For lengthening, the setting that allows more space between the bristles picks up less product, and truly lengthens my lashes. Similarly, when there’s less space between the bristles, more product is picked up and applied in one swoop.

    Not gonna lie. Before I tried this mascara, I assumed it would be kind of gimmicky.

    As it turns out, this “gimmick” does exactly what it claims, and it does it beautifully. The longer wand lengthens, and the short wand creates a lot of volume.

    What I love about this wand is that you can control the results you get from each application and customize your look. You can apply a single coat to lengthen, a single coat to volumize, or both. But you can also apply 2-3 coats with the lengthening wand if you don’t want any thickness.

    Also, the wand has rubber/plastic bristles (not a brush). Typically this doesn’t mesh well with my lashes, but I didn’t have any issues with this mascara.

    The formula is neither too dry nor too liquidly, and Pacifica is also more natural than other makeup brands, and 100% vegan.

    The 7-in-1 Claims

    Pacifica claims 7 benefits for this mascara. I’ll go over each of them and tell you what I think.

    • Lash serum: Maybe they claim this because it contains some oils, but I think it’s an empty claim. It’s a mascara, not a lash serum.
    • Instant length: Absolutely. It gives great length.
    • Lash lifting: I would say it’s average in terms of holding a curl.
    • Volumizing: Absolutely. It’s easy to builf up with the volumizing wand.
    • Conditioning: Nope.
    • Rich color: Yes. It’s very black and has deeper pigment than some other mascaras.
    • 2-in-1 brush: This is factually correct.


    • The wand is awesome and proved not to be a gimmick. It legthens and volumizes as claimed.
    • You get to customize what your lashes will look like (more length, more volume).
    • No flaking. Even though it’s not waterproof, it stays put all day.
    • It’s very pigmented and ultra-black.
    • Better ingredients, more natural than most mascaras.
    • Cruelty-free and vegan (Pacifica is 100% vegan)


    • It’s easy to overdo it with the volumizing wand. You need to comb through your lashes when that happens.
    • Personally I don’t like the “conditioning” and “lash serum” claims. They’re extra.

    Final Verdict: 4 Unicorns Out Of 5

    If you’re in the market for a new cruelty-free or vegan mascara, I would absolutely recommend the Dream Big Volumizing Mascara by Pacifica ($16, Ulta). I was impressed with how well it lengthened and volumized my lashes, and I love the customizability.

    If you have problems with mascaras flaking (some of you mentioned this about the Better Than Sex), this one shouldn’t flake on you. It stays put all day on me.

    Personally I’ll repurchase it in the future, but I’ll also be sure to try Pacifica’s other mascaras first!

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    Thanks for this review!

    Suzi Scheler

    Ty Tess! 🙂


    Ohhh I have to try this! Thanks for the heads up Suzi!

    Suzi Scheler

    Hope you like it!


    Yes it is amazing. For the price you can’t beat it.

    Sarah Atkinson Stoll

    Thanks for the review. How is it about smudging? I have big problems with that. Even with waterproof/resistant. I think i have watery eyes or something.

    Suzi Scheler

    Doesn’t smudge on me at all!


    I actually just bought this mascara myself a few weeks ago! Personally, I prefer this mascara to their Stellar Gaze since it both lengthens & volumizes.

    Suzi Scheler

    Oh cool, I was wondering about Stellar Gaze since I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions for it!


    I really like the Stellar Gaze formula (was one of the ones people recommended in your poll!), but it takes a ton of swipes for it to show up on my lashes, and doesn’t lengthen very much. Really psyched about this one!

    Gothic Dolly

    Very cool! I currently love my Gifted mascara from Tarte, but I might give this one a try in the upcoming months. MUA (Makeup Academy, British CF brand) also has a mascara like this, except it has 4 settings. It’s super effective, but the formula can get a tad goopy after 3 months, though the expiration marker says 6 months.

    Suzi Scheler

    Thank you for the suggestions! 🙂


    This is a great mascara, and I love that you can twist it and it transitions to length and volume.