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Hakuhodo x Sephora Brushes Review

First things first: I did not purchase these brushes myself, as I don’t normally purchase from the Sephora brand. Sephora sent me these brushes for review, and I decided to go ahead and give you an honest review. The main reason for this is that these brushes are 100% synthetic!

Before I began decluttering my makeup collection of cruelty, I used some Hakuhodo brushes. Hakuhodo did state they were “cruelty-free”, but they were still made from animal hair. They’re also the softest, most luxurious brushes I’ve ever owned. That being said, I’ve stopped purchasing brushes made from animal hair years ago. It’s gross to me now, and there’s no way of knowing what level of pain and torture the animal has gone through. Please keep this in mind as well when buying your makeup brushes.

Hakuhodo has just collaborated with Sephora to launch this line of 5 high-quality synthetic brushes that are all made in Japan. There are so many inexpensive synthetic brushes out there, but high-quality ones? Not so much. These are some next level brushes!

For makeup artists or for those who can’t or won’t give up brushes made from animal hair, this is a great animal-free alternative.

I’ll give you an overview of each brush, then tell you my thoughts.



The perfect complexion brush that can also be used for contour and bronzing. This large innovative pointed shape is great to apply fuller coverage products. This brush has a unique angle that aids in precision, giving you more control in application.




New, innovative angled powder shape designed to sculpt and shape the face to give you control when applying makeup. A great setting powder brush and perfect for light coverage.




The perfect highlighter brush because of its slimming shaping that helps you hug specific areas of the face. This brush works best with powder products, giving you seamless blending, even layers, and buildable coverage.




The perfect cheek brush to build coverage and have control of how much product is being picked up. Great for the natural look, light-medium coverage, and more precise application.



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The perfect multitasker that doubles as an angled concealer and a highlighter brush because of its slimmer shape that helps you hug specific areas of the face. This brush works best with powder products, giving you seamless blending, even layers, and buildable coverage.




My thoughts

Some things to consider about these brushes:

  • You won’t find some of these shapes anywhere else. The Concealer Brush and Powder Brush are angled and fanned, giving them a very unique shape that’s also practical.
  • All of these brushes are first and foremost meant for powder products. They pick up product and blend just as well as natural hair.
  • The packaging is beautiful, as you probably noticed! A lot of attention to detail was given to the overall packaging and appearance. Each brush comes in a lovely sturdy box, where it’s protected by a plastic film and maintained tightly in place.
  • The brushes are as soft as you can get, and dense. They feel like Hakuhodo powder brushes, only synthetic. Meaning that if Hakuhodo brushes were a 10, I’d give these an 8.
  • The prices range from $30 to $54.

These brushes are a good investment if buying brushes not made from animal hair is important to you. For synthetic powder brushes, they’re about as high-quality as you can get!

The prices do run high, and I believe they wouldn’t be as high if the packaging wasn’t as lux. Keep in mind however that Hakuhodo powder brushes run for around $100 each! That’s double the price of these brushes, which puts things into perspective.

Overall, this collection has some great unique shapes and maintains Hakuhodo’s artisanal vibe. The brushes perform well:  they feel super soft on my sensitive skin and blend powder better than any other synthetic brushes.

You can buy them exclusively from Sephora, for a limited time only.

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  • I was eyeing some of these brushes, but I wasn’t sure of their more obscure shapes. These look really lovely and I can definitely see myself investing in one or two!

    • They’re pretty neat, really. My extra 2 cents: The highlighter and concealer brushes are my faves. The angled powder brush is great too albeit kinda pricey. The big pointy brush is actually not great for contour (but works really well to set the undereye area).

      • I ended up getting the angled powder brush and pointy brush haha! When it comes to blush and highlight I like larger, softer brushes to get a non-precise, diffused look. Both brushes have been helping me achieve that look, even though that’s not their intended use

  • Wow, this is such exciting news! I was formerly obsessed with lux makeup brushes but when I decided to only use vegan I saw my options shrink to zero. It makes me so happy to see brands taking steps to elevate the quality of synthetic fiber brushes. I wish I could have all of these.

  • I’m dying. I need these in my life! I have a lot of Hakuhodo brushes as I’m a makeup artist and they’re the best. But I always feel guilty about the animal hair situation. It’s so hard to find synthetic brushes that work well with powder. I’m clearly buying all of these when I’m over in New York!!!

  • Hi Alexandra! You’re totally right and I’ve never purchased anything from the Sephora brand myself (this was a sample). Hakuhodo is a cruelty-free brand, though their brushes aren’t vegan. Since these are vegan, I thought it would be a compromise. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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