Fairy Girl recently came out with a brand new collection of liquid lipsticks. This is their Matte Lip Potion Liquid Lipstick 12-Piece Set ($125), and each shade is also sold separately. There’s already a ton of liquid lipsticks to choose from on the market, so are these worth it? Here’s my honest review, along with swatches!

At A Glance

  • Brand: Fairy Girl
  • Animal Testing Policy: Cruelty-Free, Leaping Bunny-certified
  • Parent Company: N/A
  • Product: Matte Lip Potion Liquid Lipstick
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Price: $15 per lipstick
  • Weight: 2.4g / 0.085oz
  • Where To Buy: FairyGirl.com
  • Application & Lasting Powder

    So far I’ve only worn a handful of these shades, but I wore them all day.

    These are matte liquid lipsticks, and they dry down completely matte. There’s no shine whatsoever, and once they dry down, they won’t transfer onto anything.

    The formula makes them easy to apply. They’re creamy, very pigmented, and most shades I’ve tried only need a single coat to get a full, opaque application. I would describe the texture as creamy yet lightweight. Once you apply a coat, it’s very thin yet fully opaque.

    They are VERY long-wearing and they won’t budge unless you’re eating oily food (you also need to use an oil-based makeup remover). On my lips, they last all day without the need to reapply and they don’t wear off for a full 8 hours.

    They have a faint vanilla smell, but nothing too overwhelming.

    Ingredients & Product Safety

    One of the things I love about these lipsticks is that all the ingredients are considered safe and non-toxic. I used CosDNA to gauge their ingredients and nearly every single ingredient is a 1 on the safety scale (which is considered very safe) with only a single exception which is Cyclopentasiloxane, and even then it’s only at a 3.

    I’ve looked up the ingredients in other liquid lipsticks and they aren’t nearly as mild. If you’re worried about the ingredients in your makeup, I believe this is one of the few liquid lipsticks you can feel good about using.

    They perform like a high-quality lipstick, but their ingredients are safer than all the mainstream brands, which is a huge plus in itself. They’re also 100% vegan!

    Pros And Cons

    I was very pleasantly surprised by these liquid lipsticks. Here’s what I’m loving most about them:

    • Truly matte finish that doesn’t transfer.
    • Long-wearing and stays on all day with no need to reapply.
    • The shades are goooorgeous! So many beautiful colors to choose from.
    • Safe and non-toxic ingredients, cruelty-free and vegan.

    And here are the negatives:

    • These lipsticks come in a smaller packaging than most traditional liquid lipsticks. So keep in mind that there’s less product per lipstick, but they’re still going to last you a long time as you only need a thin layer per application.
    • The only shade I had an issue with is Nymph, which is a deep purple. It applied more patchy than the other shades and needed 2 layers.

    Final Thoughts

    I absolutely love these liquid lipsticks and I’ll be getting some good use out of them! The shades are gorgeous and the formulas are perfect: they apply easily, dry fully matte, and last all day without transferring. They’re one of those liquid lipsticks you can apply in the morning, and not worry about all day.

    You can SHOP HERE to look at all the shades.

    **If you’re interested in trying out these liquid lipsticks, Fairy Girl is giving my readers a special discount! Use the code CFKITTY for 15% off your entire order.**

    Below are the swatches of all 12 shades! I personally love Automn Rose and Zinrose in particular. Cherish is a beautiful deep fushia shade. Faith and Pink Earth are light nude shades and also very pretty.

    fairy girl liquid lipstick swatches

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    Milena Krecisz

    On My ‘to-test’ List! Nice to see a proper review x


    I’m writing a blog post about making cruelty-free choices, as my friend just made the switch. I will direct them to all of the wonderful content on your blog!


    These look so wonderful! Definitely going to be my next purchase 🙂