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25 Cruelty-Free MAC Eyeshadow Dupes: Neutrals

by Suzana Rose

May 22, 2018

I've always thought that MAC has some beautiful eyeshadows to offer, but haven't purchased anything from them since their cruelty-free status changed. As I started expanding my eyeshadow collection, I realized slowly that refusing to buy MAC really isn't that much of a compromise. There really are a million different amazing shades in amazing formulas available from other brands. In the higher-end rage, NARS and Urban Decay make great, highly-pigmented shadows that are super close matches to some classic MAC shades. NYX shadows are good drugstores choices, and Wet'n'Wild can be worked with just as well over a good primer. If you're looking for cruelty-free dupes, I assembled this list of 25 of the most popular neutral and everyday MAC eyeshadows for you! Most are 85% or higher dupes.

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If you've never heard of Silk Naturals, they offer a whole bunch of MAP dupes, ranging from eyeshadows to lipsticks, that are super close dupes! Their shadows come in a loose form but they can be pressed fairly easily. Another nice little cruelty-free palette to have is Wet'n'Wild's Walking on Eggshells; it has close matches to the popular Shroom, Cork, and Naked Lunch shadows. Finally, if you were a fan of MAC's shadows before the company started testing on animals and are looking for something of similar or better quality, I highly recommend Urban Decay's Naked palettes, . Urban Decay's shadows are buttery-smooth, and way more affordable than MAC's if you're looking at the price of the individual shadows.

VANILLA: Silk Naturals - Sonic

SATIN TAUPE: Silk Naturals - Mink & Wet'n'Wild - Nutty

NYLON: theBalm - #38

CORK: Wet'n'Wild - Walking on Eggshells (crease)

NAKED LUNCH: Silk Naturals - Nekkid & Wet'n'Wild Walking on Eggshells (eyelid)

SHROOM: Silk Naturals - Boom & Wet'n'Wild - Walking on Eggshells (browbone)


RICEPAPER: Silk Naturals - Papyrus

ALL THAT GLITTERS: Urban Decay - Sidecar

WOODWINKED: NYX - Peach Bronze & Wet'n'Wild Comfort Zone (crease)

BRULE: Wet'n'Wild - Brulee

CARBON: Hourglass - Prism

KID: Urban Decay - Naked

VEX: Silk Naturals - Nymph

MOTH BROWN: Silk Naturals - Lurid

SABLE: Urban Decay - Toasted


TEMPTING: Urban Decay - Smog


SMUT: NARS - Mekong

PATINA: Edward Bess - Intimate


WEDGE: Jane - Rock Star

MULCH: Too Faced - Chestnut

SOFT BROWN: Bare Minerals - Frisson

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  • Suzi says:

    Thanks, good to know!

  • Kate at PrimeHairTools says:

    So nice to see so many products with the cruelty-free status! That’s great! I thought having a hard time buying good, cruelty-free make-up is the norm. Not anymore! Thanks!

  • Katya says:

    I’ve never heard about Silk Naturals before, definitely will give them a try when buying eye shadows next time. Have you tried Makeup Geek? It’s also cruelty free company which offers a lot of MAC dupes.

    • Suzi says:

      Highly recommend Silk Naturals! They have Naked palette dupes as well (full palettes). Their shadows are loose but I might do a tutorial on how to press them! I’ll check out Makeup Geek! I was never sure about the quality but I keep hearing good things. 🙂

      • Carla Norris says:

        I LOVE Makeup Geek!
        Between Makeup Geek, Karity, ColourPop, Anastasia Beverly Hills,and Morphe, I don’t miss MAC eyeshadows At. All.
        I do wish it were easier to find single-pan empty compacts, though.

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