Updated: Feb 9, 2024

The following list consists of all the cruelty-free brands we have vetted as cruelty-free based on our criteria, which can be found below. Its purpose is to help you shop truly cruelty-free no matter which products you need, and no matter what your budget is, anywhere and at any stores. You can use the filter to narrow the list based on your needs or  preferences.

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This list is for those who wish to avoid brands that test on animals or fund animal testing, and purchase only from the brands that have been vetted as cruelty-free. This means that the brands on our list have confirmed that no animal testing is performed on their finished products or ingredients during production, either by their company, their suppliers, or any third parties.

In order to ensure the brands we support do not put themselves at risk of animal testing, we do not consider brands that sell in China to be cruelty-free even if they use certain loopholes.

For brands that do test on animals, make sure to visit our list of Companies That Test On Animals.

Our Criteria

All the brands found on this list were vetted to be cruelty-free, meaning:

  • Finished Products: Their finished products are not tested on animals by the company or any other company.
  • Ingredients: Their ingredients are not tested on animals by the company or any other company.
  • Suppliers: Their suppliers do not test ingredients, raw materials, or finished products on animals.
  • Third Parties: No third party is testing their finished products or ingredients animal on their behalf.
  • Required by Law: They don’t test on animals where the law requires it, and are not sold in mainland China.

Using This List

The complete list of cruelty-free brands is displayed below. You can also choose filters to find exactly what you’re looking for by clicking the “Refine” button.

For example, you can look for cruelty-free hair care sold at Ulta, or choose to filter by skincare brands that are Leaping Bunny certified and 100% vegan and ship to your country, and so on. This system makes it easy to find cruelty-free brands that are tailored to you and your needs.

Get Listed

If you’re a cruelty-free brand and you’d like to be listed, please contact us. If your brand fulfills our cruelty-free criteria, we’ll contact you with further information.


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  • Catherine Milovina says:

    I believe you have posted vegan clothing market places before, but if you could do so in your weekly newsletters, that would be great!
    Many thanks!

  • Barbara says:

    Are half magic beauty and simi haze beauty cruelty free?

  • Belinda says:

    Thank you for this detailed informative listing, I did share to my facebook. (like a shared a similar listing for made in America products for our Made In America Christmas). I appreciate the efforts people are making toward ending animal cruelty.

  • Vanessa says:

    PLSSSSS I’m begging can u do review about tir tir I cannot find information an if it’s cruelty free or not..

  • Cristine says:

    Hi there, on this article https://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/cruelty-free-101/makeup-brands-that-test-on-animals/ you said that Bare Minerals is part of a larger group that sell in China and therefore allow testing on animals and on the list on the article where I’m replying on (https://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/list-of-cruelty-free-brands/) you’re saying they are cruelty free.

    I don’t understand. Support a sub-group of a larger corp that allows this in China is supporting testing. Do you have a list of COMPLETELY cruelty free products, that are not connected to anyone else that does test in their group? I’m not paying for something that will in the end just fuel the animal testing requirements, sorry the Chinese will never have my respect.

    Would love a true cruelty free list if you have an updated one.

  • varvara ryaboshapka says:

    Can you check floral street?? They claim to be cruelty free and have wonderful fragrances.

  • Dawn-Marie Donne says:

    Keep up your wonderful work and dedication to such a very important issue. I have taken the decision not to use certain brands (which I love and have used with great pleasure) for many years because of their stance on animals testing. Thanks to your excellent list of cruelty free alternatives, I have been able to replace most of these products and the couple remaining that I can’t well, I just have to remind myself that I cannot use with them a clear conscience. I know quite a few people who feel the same way as I do and have also turned to cruelty free products, not just for beauty but right through the home, at similar cost and performance and sometimes cheaper. Thank you.

  • Jane shakeshaft says:

    Is ultimate definition cruelty free it doesn’t say anything on the box

  • Kathy says:

    So grateful for the work you do to keep us informed of what products are TOTALLY Cruelty Free. If I google a brand, I always bypass information provided by other sites and go straight to yours!

  • Hermon says:

    241 cosmetics doesn’t test on animals either.

  • Annie says:

    I am trying to find out if Uriel products are cruelty free. Thanks!

  • Ciara McGinnis says:

    With the reference to China, with the new laws now in place can it still be so point blank not cruelty free just for selling there? Reading up on it it seems that the onus is on the brands to get certified themselves and trade still in China while being cruelty free too.

  • Barbaro Skett says:

    I’ve only heard of 2 of those in the Uk on your list, which are Barry M & Boots.

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for this list. I try to buy cruelty free as much as possible but there are so many layers to being cruelty free it gets overwhelming. I was wondering about the brands Good Molecules and Color Science. They advertise as cruelty free but I can’t find them on any list.
    Thanks again!

  • Caroline Reyes says:

    thank you

    i will spread the word

  • yuliana says:

    hola que tal, quisiera saber si Dove es libre de crueldad animal, no lo vi en la lista, pero han sacado comerciales diciendo que son libres de crueldad, no se si me esten engañando, quedo atenta

    • Jessica Campos says:

      Talbez porque apenas son nuevos en el mundo “Cruelty free”. No era antes, testeaban a animales.
      Como CoverGirl por ejemplo. Ellos fueron uno de los mayores que hacian crueldades.
      Ahora, ya no.
      Personalmente, yo no voy a comprar esos que ahora ya son cruelty free. Porque? Ni les importaron los animales antes. Me pongo feliz porque ahora ya no lo hazen y les agradezco pero ellos en mi mente lo hazen porque el vegano esta de “moda”? o porque les importa los animales.
      Tambien decirles gracias…

  • Sara Haddox says:

    Proud of these companies wish there was more

  • MissIcklePetal says:

    I have been a silent push, trying to help peta with signing petitions. And have become aware of many products that are not animal friendly, and is created through cruelty on animals and destroying our Nature and planet.
    Myself and my family have become more aware and relearning of products that we can use and what we will stop using. Broke our hearts learning how many companies do animal cruelty testing on their products.

  • Yamini West says:

    Not accurate yet. Colourpop is cruelty free and vegan as well as based and shipped from L.A., CA, USA.

  • karen may says:

    Thank yiou for these list. I will try to make sure that I never buy from them again.

    • Ciara says:

      With the reference to China, with the new laws now in place can it still be so point blank not cruelty free just for selling there? Reading up on it it seems that the onus is on the brands to get certified themselves and trade still in China while being cruelty free too.

  • JD says:

    Why isn’t Body Shop on there? They are what I use and they are apparently the biggest anti animal testing people around.
    Pls advise.

  • Luke says:

    I have a question, as I am new in this cruelty free world and sometimes it can be confusing whether a brand is really cruelty free or not. So is Apivita cruelty free in 2021? I have not found it on the list, but on google I have found it does not test on animals at all.

  • Anahita Ghaznavian Haghighi says:

    Thanks for your great informations.
    I wanted to know if “Schon” brand is cuerlty-free or not?

  • Paola says:

    I believe Farmasi (turkish cosmetics/hygiene/body and hair product company) is also a cruelty free brand. Could you please confirm?

  • Victoria says:

    Hi guys
    Who knows any information about LUMENE brand ? Made in Finland
    Must be cruelty free but could find in the list in here

  • You can’t do this stop animal testing!!!!

  • Hailey says:

    This is NOT okay and it needs to end. Animals still feel things too, they are not just your puppets!

  • Lili says:

    We should stop doing this

  • Mimi says:

    hopefully the world will be a better olace for the animals since we are only borrowing it from them and they had live here ling mer than us <33

  • Patricia Riley says:

    SBC (Simply Beautiful Cosmetics), Soul Skin Vegan Beauty, and Hayo’u products are cruelty free.

  • Patricia Riley says:

    Hi. Soul Skin vegan beauty is cruelty free, so is Simply Beautiful Cosmetics (SBC), and Hayo’u products.

  • Nina says:

    The list is great. However many of these brands sell in China where by law anything sold their must be first tested on animals.
    Even though we may purchase cruelty free of the same brand in our countries. Surely it’s about the entire efficacy of the brand. Those that don’t sell into China deserve their own section. It’s not so cut & dry I believe.

  • Veronica Wagstaff says:

    Hi, could you do a post about some of the dollar tree cosmetic brands such as L.A Colors, sassy + chic, and stuff like that. thanks!

  • DAWN MORAND says:

    Is Limelife by Alcone on your list?

  • Gwen says:

    I wish companies owned by parent companies weren’t included. I understood the logic years ago… hoping that these huge companies would see how well they could do with cruelty free companies, and hope that they followed suit. However, I think it’s just become another market for them the same way a hair coloring brand has several colors to meet several markets. They aren’t going to stop making “auburn” just because “chestnut” is doing well. They see that there is a market in both areas. So it’s more like… “hey, we can make great money selling burts bees, and it costs a little more to make, but we will charge more.” Likewise “We also need more affordable brands and many people don’t care what we test on, so we will still make those products to serve that client base.” Win for them with no compromise.

    I don’t think these big companies are stupid. They see that they can split the difference and they know there is some endorsement for them from sites like this one, leaping bunny, and peta… despite the fact that most of their money comes from abusing animals. I find this so hypocritical and I just can’t understand the justification for it as it clearly isn’t changing their minds about animal testing.

  • Gwen says:

    Hi… Just wondering about JR Watkins. I notice on the leaping bunny site that they have a notation next to the brand that indicates they are owned by a parent company that tests on animals. However, your site says they aren’t. So I’m not sure which is true? I’ve tried looking it up and came up with some jacob company, but nothing really on them. Any information on this?

  • Jas says:

    There’s some nail polish brands that claim to be vegan and/or cruelty free.
    They are BELLE EN ARGENT and COLOR CLUB. You might want to check them out?

  • Dona says:

    This is such a great list. There is so much confusion out there and this makes it much easier to know where to shop. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for cruelty-free skincare that doesn’t use oils in their creams. I struggle with skincare because when I use oil on my skin or creams with oils, I develop oil packets that then have to be removed (a bit painful). Most cruelty-free companies use oil in their creams, which I can’t use. So, I end up not using any moisturizer and it shows. 🙁 Any recommendations would be very welcome.

  • Suzanne Marie Tryon says:

    Hello Suzanna
    I would like to know if Skinn cosmetics and Beakman 1802 are cruety free?

    they are both sold on Home Shopping Network

  • Nat says:

    Thank you so much for all of your work on this list – and it must have been an incredible amount of work to compile. It is an excellent resource and we are very grateful for you putting in the time, research hours and money to maintain the website so that we don’t have to.
    Keep up the great work! The animals and we humans thank you.

  • Megan Holloway says:

    I really appreciate all the research that goes into this. I want to know this stuff, but wouldn’t do all the research to find out. Thanks! Also, could you find out if the brand Golden Rose is cruelty free?

  • Eve Oates says:

    Are any Scentsy products tested on animals or their ingredients pls as they not on this.list

  • Jen says:

    Is Bodycology or Body fantasy cruelty free as in they don’t sell to China?

  • G says:

    Why is IT cosmetics on your list when IT cosmetics is owned by Loreal? Loreal isn’t cruelty free.

  • What does it mean to have a blank at the end of the line

  • Jume says:

    Thank you for creating and updating Cruelty-Free Kitty!

    1. Is it possible to regain cruelty-free status after testing the products on animals (for example in China)?

    2. If China stops animal testing, will some brands who are now selling in China become cruelty free?

    3. If a brand has history with animal testing, will it stay on Cruelty-Free Kitty web site even if a brand regains cruelty free status?


    • Suzana Rose says:

      Hi Jume!

      1. Yes. Examples include Smashbox, Omorovicza, and Boscia.
      2 & 3. Still to be determined! I want to do what makes the most sense, and brands would most likely fall under different categories (i.e. those that tested on animals in China vs those that were always cruelty-free).

  • Emma says:

    Great list of shops! It’s a pity you can buy only online, but it’s better to have a choice. Thank you for sharing!

  • Jino Moreto says:

    Abel Odor perfumes mention that they are cruelty free. Are they included in your list?

  • Franchesca says:

    Hola!, soy de chile, tengo una duda con respecto a belcorp (ésika, L’BEL y cyzone), soy consultora y no estoy segura si testean o no en animales, no tienen una certificación, solamente agregan en sus catálogos (algunos productos) que no testaen en animales.
    Saludos!, gracias por la información ????.

  • Felix Werner says:

    Danke für den hilfreichen Artikel! Prima Tipp.

  • Heather says:

    Love this website, but when looking at the CF list, I get adverts from MAC and Avon which aren’t CF – advertising from non CF brands seems a bit hypocritical since this is a CF website ????

    • Suzana Rose says:

      Hi Heather. Our ads are based on each user’s browsing history unfortunately, and we have no control over them. 🙁 Getting rid of ads has been one of my long-term goals with CFK, and I’m actively working on it!

  • Janine says:

    I love this list! So helpful. I wish animal testing would be banned, this is not okay but we have the power as the consumers!

  • Julianne says:

    How can I search for a specific company to see if it is/is not cruelty free according to this list? I can’t find where to insert a company name or product to search.

  • Eva T says:

    Hi 🙂 do you know if Lavera is cruelty free? They say Tay are but I never see them in any lists

  • Maggi Kualapai says:

    I didn’t see Oil of Oly on the as being good or bad. Can you tell if it’s alright to use? Thanks

  • Paige says:

    Just thought I would let you know that Arbonne International is vegan and cruelty free as it isn’t on your list 🙂

  • y sea says:

    You forgot Fenty Beauty

  • Shawna says:

    What about Burt’s Bees? I hear conflicting information. They are on the Leaping Bunny website, but someone told me now they sell in China. Curious about ELF as well.

  • Hannah says:

    Is Farmacy cruelty free?

  • Ashley says:

    EVENPRIME skincare is also cruelty-free AND vegan (not a single product is tested on animals + they ensure their ingredients don’t harm water ecosystems).

  • Jennifer says:

    Just noticed I couldn’t find Aveda and Dermalogica on the cruelty free list. I believe they belong there

  • Joanne Davis says:

    Is Dr. Teal’s cruelty-free? Thanks

  • Pia says:

    Hello! Is Certain Dri cruelty-free? I saw it on the deodorant section under the guides tab, but it is not on this main list so I just wanted to make sure.

  • Jessica says:

    I am surprised that Burt’s Bees has a parent company that tests on animals. I thought they were a company by themselves.

  • Rebecca Clews says:

    hi I sell phb ethical beauty products and they are leaping bunny certified and vegan. I wondered if you might obviously check for yourself and then add them to your list? Rebecca x x

  • Jenson Major says:

    How can we trust this list, when you list Bulldog on there and “Although Bulldog is cruelty-free, they’re owned by Edgewell, a company that tests on animals”.
    That’s not a true cruelty free company.

  • Karen says:

    Do you know anything about replenix skincare

  • Mary says:

    I have a question do you know of a cruelty free Bug Repellent the mosquitos are horrible in my area and I’m new to cruelty free products I didn’t know anything about animal testing until a couple years ago so I’m looking into switching to all cruelty free products.

  • Ac Manahan says:

    Also inglot?

  • Ac Manahan says:

    Makeup forever is not cruetry free anymore?

  • megan rose says:

    hi i was wondering if you could also research estee lauder? they just came out saying they are cruelty free but i am wondering how true that is. thanks!!

  • megan rose says:

    Hi! One brand I think should be added to the list is Mario Badescu 🙂 it’s the BEST skincare brand in my opinion and is cruelty free and has some products that are paraben free and vegan as well!

  • Melisa says:

    What are good cruelty free face sunscreens that I can use?, and if they are vegan—even better.

  • Orly says:

    Can you please check again if PUPA Milano cruelty free? I can not understand anything from their site

  • Rosemary says:

    Hi, I am in the UK and both Waitrose and Morrison’s supermarkets have started to display the Leaping Bunny symbol on their own brand products, yet they don’t appear on your list. Do you know why, please?

  • Snowdoniamum says:

    Just seen that Urban Decay is on the ‘safe list’ but it’s owned by L’Oreal ?????

  • Zuzanna says:

    Do you know if Lunatick Cosmetics brand is cruelty free?

  • Sophie Hastings says:

    Thank you for compiling this list kitty! i have been searching for ages for a reliable list of cruelty free companies. I thought PETA’s list was not accurate. Will bookmark this for future reference!

  • Tram says:

    Hey, I’m trying to make a handmade lip balm with coconut oil and shea butter, I checked and found a brand called NOW food, they have what I need and they claimed that their products are cruelty-free and vegan but they don’t have any certification so I wanna ask that do you have any information about that brand.
    Thank you

  • Dan says:

    I was wondering if D.E.T.O.X skinfood is cruelty-free and vegan. I couldn’t find anything on their website, but I have one of the products, and it states that it is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. I want to be 100% sure.

  • Daniela says:

    Hi, I was wondering if jocott brands is cruelty free?

  • Lisa Mc namara says:

    Hello everyone im just wondering since i cant see it on the list is ziaja brand crulty free ?

  • Melissa Martin says:

    Love, Beauty and Planet is cruelty free. That is hair products. The cleaning products are Love, Home and Planet.

  • Jelena says:

    Hey, hello!
    What about Marrakesh hair care? Cruelty free or not?

  • Buffy says:

    Hi Suzana,do you know anything about Revolution I think they are a UK based company. They state they are 100% cruelty free

  • Ash says:

    Is purology cruelty free?

  • Beth A Steidl says:

    I would also like to add Avon to the list. Is Avon Cruelty Free 2019?
    Opposition to animal testing and respect for animal welfare has been a cornerstone of Avon’s product safety program since 1989 when Avon became the first major cosmetic company to end animal testing. We do not test on animals today. Instead, we use non-animal product safety testing methods. Also, Dove is no longer testing it’s products on animals.

  • Beth A Steidl says:

    I would like to add L’Oreal to the list of cruelty free companies. I contacted them and this is their response: Thank you for your interest in Garnier, a brand of The L’Oréal Group.

    Our consumers’ health and safety have always been an absolute priority for L’Oréal. As is the support of animal welfare.

    L’Oréal has developed a very rigorous safety evaluation procedure of its products, backed by research. Well before the question of animal testing was raised by civil society or within a regulatory framework, L’Oréal has been committed to new methods of assessing safety that don’t involve animals. A true pioneer, L’Oréal has been reconstructing human skin models in laboratories to elaborate in vitro safety tests since 1979, as an alternative to animals. In 1989, L’Oréal completely ceased testing its products on animals, thus 14 years before the regulation required so. Today, L’Oréal no longer tests its ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates any exception to this rule.

    Certain health authorities may nevertheless decide to conduct animal tests themselves for certain cosmetic products, as it is still the case in China. L’Oréal has been the most active company working alongside the Chinese authorities and scientists for over 10 years to have alternative testing methods recognized, and permit the cosmetic regulation to evolve towards a total and definite elimination of animal testing. Thanks to this, since 2014, certain products manufactured and sold in China like shampoo, body wash or make-up are no longer tested on animals.

    For additional information, please click here.

  • LEAH says:


  • Tahni says:

    Is N Rage cruelty free? Their website says they are but their bottles don’t.

  • Kee says:

    Sanex is also cruelty free I think, so are Sainsbury’s own branded products (UK)

  • Erika says:

    What about Natures Organics? They state that they are cruelty-free: https://naturesorganics.com.au/about/commitment/

  • Kate says:

    Hello! Another brand that takes pride in their products and are Naturally derived is Rejuva Minerals. They are a member of PETA and do not test on animals. They are listed on the PETA website which I take quite seriously. Their Mega Lash mascara is amazing! I’m so glad I found a makeup company that cares about what goes into their products!

  • Amy says:

    Im a physician assistant in dermatology. I am plant based for eating but want to move into using more creulty free products. I can make a difference when I recommend them to 30 patients a day also. Are there any mainstream brands like Neutragena, or Eucerin that are creulty free or trying to become that? I cant recommend expensive products, that are hard to fine, things that I have a lot of preservatives or fragrance in them to patients. This is why I usually go with the mainline brands. It is very difficult. Would love your help. Thank you foryour dedication!

  • Susan says:

    Thank you for doing all of this, Suzana! Sending u lots of appreciation hugs, good vibes, and universal blessings. ?

  • Annemarie D’Andrea says:

    I am also interested in BOOM makeup and skin care. Are they cruelty free?

  • Annemarie D’Andrea says:

    Suzana, what about Davines They advertise no animal testing ever since the beginning of their company, and they make fantastic products. Please let me know if they qualify.
    Thank you, Annemarie

  • Anaïs says:

    Hello will you search for French brand one day? If not do you know where can I find informations?
    I’m looking for “bo.ho cosmetics”, “Avril cosmetics”, “Couleur caramel”, “Zao makeup”, “laboratoire de biarritz” and “acorelle”

  • Donna Cason says:

    What about that Younique brand?

  • Georgia says:

    Hi, just wondered what your thoughts on the brand Dr.organic? They claim to be totally cruelty free and on their Twitter claim to not sell in China due to their beliefs on animal testing but I have seen people argue that the brand sell their products in a holland and Barrett store in Beijing.

  • Nicolle says:


    I was wondering if Kara Beauty brand are animal cruelty free? They said on their website they are vegan and animal cruelty free…is this true? They don’t have a stamp of approval from any animal cruelty free stamp (PETA, Leaping Bunny, and so forth) on their products itself. Please let me know asap as I got one as a gift. Thank you!

  • Nicolle says:

    I was wondering if Selected Cosmetics (Selected Skin Care BB cream) is animal cruelty free brand? I love the foundations and it match my skin perfectly, but I can’t seem for the life of me, find out if it is animal cruelty free brand. Please help!
    Website: https://selected-cosmetics.com

  • Jessie says:

    Hey, I’m really confused because my favorite makeup brand, Nyx, in the las 6 months,maybe a bit more, they don’t have the cruelty free logo anymore. On all their products. But it’s still on the cruelty free list on this site, and everywhere i looked. So i don’t know what to think anymore. I wrote an email to them specifically asking about Nyx, and the didn’t even answer my question, instead the fed me this crap, saying that”Loreal has always been a cruelty free brand”. So I wrote back, asking politely again ABOUT NYX, and to not lying to customer.Unsurprisingly, i did not hear back from the. So does any know anything about that, please?

  • Yaling says:

    Do you know if Neostrata is a cruel-free brand? They replied to me they don’t test on animals.(Sorry I left a msg the other day, but couldn’t find the it anymore, so I’m not sure if you answered it.)

  • Ctaci says:

    Dr. Organic is cruelty-free.

  • Yaling says:

    I email Neotrata to ask if their products test on animals. This is their reply on Facebook: Should I believe it?

    NEOSTRATA Hi Yaling – we do not conduct animal testing on marketed skin care products including the NeoStrata® and SKIN ACTIVE® brands. All routine product safety and claim support testing is carried out on human volunteers or using in vitro models.

  • Rush says:

    Could you please confirm if wetnwild is cruelty free and not tested on animals and I didn’t see Makeup Revolution or Ordinary on the list either what’s the status of these brands according to you

  • Olivia jones says:

    What about Rituals?

  • Γεωργία says:

    hi i would like to ask rude cosmetics is cruelty free ??

  • Jessica.S. says:

    Treat aka treat beauty is a lip balm and there USDA organic and cruelty free, it’s the only brand I use on my lips. There web site is http://www.treatbeauty.com if you want to check them out.

  • Sierra Swangstu says:

    By any chance do you know if the brand Aunt Jackie’s is cruelty free. They claim they are but I’m having a hard time finding proof. Thank you.

  • Rimi says:

    Are Chanell, Dior and Nars cruelty free? And how about Huda beauty?

  • SUSAN says:

    I looked up Gold Bond on the internet and it said that they don’t test on animals. I want to try their lotion for Rough and Bumpy Skin. Please let me know if you know if they test on animals or not. Thank you.

  • SUSAN says:

    I looked up Gold Bond and it said that they don’t test on animals but I don’t see it on your list. I am interested in buying their lotion for Rough and Bumpy Skin. What can you tell me?

  • Ana says:

    Hi! First of all, let me just say: thank you! It’s been only a couple of months since I’ve started investigating about cruelty free products and your lists, your guides, everything you write has been such a huge help! I was appalled by the quantity of not cruelty free products I had at home. But now, thanks to people like you, I am at peace, knowing I’m not contributing anymore for this (still!) existing cruel reality, and actively daily searching new vegan and sustainable brands!

    Now, do you know if Uriage is cruelty free? I keep looking for this info on their website and other pages about this topic but I can’t find anything :/

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Margaret says:

    Have you researched the news that Wet and Wild are not actually Cruelty Free. A Youtuber I watch (Kelly Grooge) says that they are no longer cruelty free or were never 100% cruelty free.

  • Sarah Bertioli says:

    Sorry, I see you don’t have Neal’s Yard Remedies on your list – any reason?

  • Sarah Bertioli says:

    I see you have No. 7 and The Body Shop on the list but I believe these are now selling in China from what I’ve read recently….also what do the little symbols represent, the sheep and the bunny??

  • Cynthia says:

    Wow this interface is amazing! Thank you

  • Roxie says:

    Anself es cruelty free? Thanks for the list

  • Mary Grassetti says:

    Is Drunk Elephant cruelty-free?

  • Heather Stave says:

    Why is Oway (organic way) not on this list? Are they owned by a parent company that does not qualify as cruelty free?

  • ssdcolumbus says:

    Is the Joah line cruelty free?

  • Jenifer says:

    I can’t see tropic skincare on your list yet they are leaping bunny certified? xx

  • Adriana says:

    Hello! I am a bit confused.. Can you please tell me: are Sanex and PZ Cussons cruelty free? Thank you!

  • Josephine Layman says:

    What about ColorProof hair products? And L’anza? I don’t see them on either list

  • Lauryne says:

    Is it possible for you to had the BeautyBay brand on the list ?

  • Vanessa says:

    Is Mugler Alien tested on animals? It’s on neither of your lists

  • Tiff Zen says:

    Profusion cruelty free? It says on the package.

  • A Wild Soap Bar is a cruelty free handmade soap company, recently certified by both PETA & Leaping Bunny, but we are not listed here. We ship to the USA & Canada. Can we get added to your list please? Thanks. – Maggie, Soap Bartender, A Wild Soap Bar LLC

  • Abs says:

    Hi, Glam Glow has the bunny certification now so should be moved to this list

  • Amanda says:

    I thought Physicians Formula was cruelty free?! ?

  • Rebecca Rodriguez says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for your hard work on this. Do you know if Pureology is cruelty free. They say they are 100% vegan, but I don’t see the bunny signs or anything on the bottles. Seems fishy.

  • Meesh says:

    Have you ever done any research on a company called VDL from South Korea? I was gifted an item but unable to find any info on their cruelty free stance. They do not sell in mainland China from what I can tell, but do sell in Hong Kong…? Thanks!

  • Andrea says:

    I’m not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, but I was wondering if J.Cat Beauty has been verified as cruelty free? I’d love to try some of their products, and they claim to be cruelty free on their website. But I don’t see them on either of the lists on your website. Thanks so much!

  • Ale soto says:

    I have a doubt, why does L’Oréal in its webpage says that they are fighting against animal testing but it doesn’t have a certification? They say that they are not testing in animals, so why are not considerated cruelty free?

  • Michaela says:

    what are your thoughts on C&C by clean and clear?

  • Koro says:

    Hello, what would you guys suggest in place of Aveeno and Eucerin for eczema care cream?

  • Nina says:

    is Biovene also cruelty-free?

  • Marcia says:

    What do you think about Better Living products?

  • Elena says:

    Dear Suzana,
    Thank you so much for all the work and research you put in into this. You have truly changed my life. Thanks to you I discovered countless amazing brands, and became an advocate of cruelty free products among my friends and family

  • Leigh says:

    Hello-I was using Sally Hansen insta dry which saved me a lot of time and lasted as long as a paid manicure. I no longer buy it. Does anyone know of a QUICK DRY NAIL POLISH that is vegan, cruelty free? Side bar: Bogavia is the most excellent shampoo and hair conditioner ever that is also cruelty free and vegan. Beauty Guarde eyebrow and eyelash growth also vegan cruelty free- works!

  • Tisa says:

    I don’t see Malin+Goetz, and they are cruelty free on Peta’s site?


  • Georgia says:

    what about versionderma mdprofessional and art deco?Does anyone happen to know if they’re cruelty free?

  • Megan says:

    Natura is the parent company of both Aesop and The Body Shop. Aesop is not listed as cruelty free because of Natura being its parent company, but The Body Shop is still listed as cruelty free despite having the same parent co. The Body Shop was trying to rebrand itself as cruelty free after being previously owned by L’Oreal, and I believed them! But I just noticed they’ve been owned by Natura since 2017. Isn’t this the same problem?

    • Suzana Rose says:

      Hey, thanks for letting me know! It was a glitch and Natura is cruelty-free as well as Aesop and The Body Shop. “Parent company doesn’t test on animals” was checked, but since Natura was listed as the parent company, the database thought Natura isn’t cruelty-free. I removed it and it should work now, but I had to remove the name of the parent company.

  • Melissa Clagg says:

    What about the brand, every man jack?

  • Rose says:

    Cocokind is another great cruelty free company. Have they been considered for this list?

  • Kaitlyn huska says:

    Does anyone know if norwex is cruelty free??

  • clio says:

    what about yves rocher? neal’s yard?
    Thank you

  • Sheena Prasad says:

    I thought Kopari was cruelty free and a complete clean product?

  • Flo says:

    From what i learned animal testing is only mandatory in China if they are sold in a physical store not if they are sold online that’s how companies get around selling in China.

  • Julie Gilbert says:

    Hi guys. Suzi, there’s a VA botanical company that actually makes my favorite lip balm of all, called: Sun Garden Soap Co, LLC. You can direct order from them. I emailed the owner, Carolyn, this morning. They do not sell in China, all products are cruelty free, never tested on animals, not a large scale business, but amazing products. I asked her to get in touch with you, and check out your site and was trying to see about getting her business added. They’ve been in business since 2004. Soaps, anti itch/bug bite medicine, poison ivy soap, bath salts, sugar scrubs, lotions, and lip balms. Link below. I dont know them personally. I also live in VA, and found their products in a couple different mountain and unique local stores. I swear by their lip balms though. Better than anything on or off the list I’ve ever used in life!


  • Lisa says:

    Whoops never mind. I found the answer on your site. ?

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Suzana, Pixi is not??

  • Christy Kolbeck says:

    What about SimplyNakedBeauty? It’s manufactured in China but they claim its absolutely 100% cruelty-free. Any information?

  • Mary Beth says:

    Do you know if Voodoo cosmetics are cruelty free ? They say they are

  • Hey– so in doing my do diligence… I am really trying to make an effort not to by garbage from companies who test on animals but I was wondering if anyone knew whether the company Fresh, tests on animals. Per their website they do not but I was wondering if anyone had looked into them?

  • raye says:

    Hello, I contacted Sally Hansen regarding their nail polish and I got this response back: Coty Inc does not perform, nor do we ever commission any third parties on our behalf to perform, testing of our products or ingredients on animals. They sent an attachment that says some governments/agencies stipulate the testing of FINISHED products on animals etc etc, they’re working on dialogue.

  • Izabela Zakrzewska says:

    I can’t see the list here on the site. Why is that??? Does it matter what device I’m using… Samsung S7 btw???

  • Jennifer Steffen says:

    Anyone have any recommendations for cruelty free skin care for rosacea? Thanks!

  • Galine Janjeguian says:


    Why morphe isn’t included in this list? While there’s another article in the crueltyfreekitty says that it is cruelty free. I am confused can you please confirm ? I have their products now but won’t feel good to use them if i can’t make sure. Thanks

  • Amanda A says:


  • Jazz says:

    Isn’t fenty beauty cruelty free?!

  • Justine says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing the info. I am a bit confused that I have heard that the EU has banned making and selling cosmetics tested on animals, does that necessarily mean cosmetics I bought from stores in its member countries are cruelty-free? Thank you=)

    • Julie Gilbert says:

      Companies like almay/neutrogena/clinique “claim” to be cruelty free, because they dont test in the US. But any products sold in Mainland China REQUIRE they test on animals. So these companies pay someone else to perform the test of these products on their behalf. But yes, they sell in Mainland China, knowing these tests are done and required, so no, they are not cruelty free companies after all. True cruelty free companies will not sell in China because of this. Hope this helps.

  • Leah says:

    May I start by saying that I LOVE your page! Although I have always been an animal lover, I made the decision last year to really push to become cruelty free in everything starting with skincare and makeup and slowly working my way towards household products and your website has helped me tremendously! Ive been pretty successful (loving Method dish soaps and laundry detergent) except with my contact lens stuff. Any suggestions for cruelty free contacts lenses and solutions?
    Secondly, do you know anything about Mirenesse? They are a mid to high price range makeup and skin care company out of Australia. They say all over their website they are cruelty. I hope this is true as they have the most amazing foundation that I have found for 40 year old skin (no creasing and long lasting). Any ideas?

  • Aly says:

    I just checked the Bliss website, and they are using the PETA Beauty without Bunnies logo. Confirmed they’re on PETA’s website, as well…but don’t see them on the list above. Does anyone know otherwise?

    Is this site still active? I haven’t seen a response from the site owner to any questions below in over a month.

  • Teresa says:

    How about Love,Beauty and Planet are they not cruelty free?

    • Jennifer says:

      Peta has recognized them as vegan and cruelty free, but their parent company Unilever isn’t as far as I know.

  • Eppie says:

    Hi Suzi! Thanks very much for all the research done! The lists are very useful to look for cruelty-free products.
    BTW, what do you think about the products shipped to China? Some of the cruelty-free brands are sold on websites like iherb.com, and these websites does ship to China, any ideas if the Chinese government also requires those brands to conduct animal testing?


  • Renata says:

    just curious if Dermatolgica, Obagi are on your cruelty free list. I believe I did see these companies as cruelty free but just wanted to know directly from you

  • Maddie Becker says:

    Pulp Riot professional haircolor brand claims to be cruelty free.

  • Iryna says:

    Hi! I am starting to be a nail master and I am very interested if there is any gel and gel polish production which is not tested on animals? Thank you

  • Susan says:

    MONAT is cruelty free! 🙂

  • Sarah Tantillo says:

    What about Mario Bodesco?? I probably spelt that wrong but they claim to be cruelty free but I don’t see them on the list

  • Nissa says:

    Can someone help me regarding MartiDerm, are they a vegan company. I’m asking because I don’t trust the answers, they claim they don’t test on animals and the lactic acid is vegetable origin .. thanks!!

  • Destine Lovett says:

    Are there any cruelty free and vegan laundry detergents or any substitutes for arm and hammer washing powder?

    • DUSIA says:

      Astonish is cf. If you have an access to DM or Rossmann(german drugstores) then the products made by those stores (domol , denk mir)are cf

  • mara says:

    Hi, I was wondering …what about Yves Rocher?

  • Theresa Daughtrey says:

    Hi, I am a bit confused, if a company makes a product and it is made cruelty free , from start to finish and then starts selling in a country that require animal testing please explain to me how this works. You mean just to sell a product that has sold very well without testing on animals , all of a sudden your company has to buy a bunch of bunnies and start pouring it in their eyes? Does money mean so much that a company would go against what they stand for or does the testing occur once the product is purchased in another country? Forgive me I lived in a world that I honestly thought was much kinder than it obviously is. I miss my rose colored glasses.

  • Mariah says:

    Hey do we know if Ducray is cruelty free?

  • Liliana says:

    Regarding Tom’s its on cruelty free list but his parent company still test on animals,so it should still be avoided.and in my opinion is not cruelty free

  • LJ says:

    I would am new to this site and am confused. On your landing page ( first thing I see) is a post from 2016 listing an eyeshadow palette from Kat von D. Further down the discussion board is a post that says this brand is not cruelty free. I have seen this confusion with a few brands on your downloadable list.

    Where is the most recent info? I get that it is tough to keep up, so would just like to know where to look for the most accurate info. Thanks.

  • Lara says:

    Hi! Do you know if d’Alba piedmont and Elensilia are cruelty free? I’ve made some research but i didn’t find anything…

  • Dawn says:

    I’ve been trying to determine the status of ‘Lotus Moon’ brand, and can’t find any info. Do you have an opinion for me?

  • Sharon says:

    I am trying to clarify if Merle Norman is cruelty free. They are not listed on the leaping bunny page. Sometimes it is difficult to know for sure, products are listed on one site and not another site. I enjoy this site good information thank you

  • Carina Iuciuc says:

    What do you think about yves rocher?

  • Amanda says:

    Hi! Do you know if OGX (shampoo) and Burt’s Bees are cruelty free? They both claim to be on the packaging but I don’t see them on your list. Thank you!

  • Carolina says:

    Hello! Do you happen to know in Latin America which make up brands are cruelty-free? Thank you so much!

  • lisa says:

    your search button doesn’t work

  • Michelle Stoney says:

    First off, thank you for your site! My question is, do you have any cruelty free recommendations for hand cleanser and hand moisturizer that would be ok for eczema? My dermatologist gave me a list of products (Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Eucerine, Dove, Gold Bond, etc.) and none of the products are cruelty free!! I really am trying to be cruelty free without irritating my skin. Thank you ?

    • PanyaV says:

      I have eczema and super-sensitive skin — I use the fragrance-free hand wash from Seventh Generation, and the unscented “baby” version of Dr Bronner’s soap [though this can be drying on its own; make sure you moisturise right after]. Right now I’m using up my stash of unscented baby lotion from Shea Moisture, but that’s been discontinued. Lately I’ve just been using cocoa butter to moisturise my hands during the day and saving my dwindling lotion supply for nighttime.

  • Helena says:

    can someone help me out here and explain why Simple is not cruelty free? they say they’re on their website + they’re PETA certified, I checked if they sell in China which, according to their website, they do not. then I thought it was because of their parent company Unilever, but Dermalogica is listed as CF so it can’t be that either. so where do they mess up???

  • Becky says:

    I thought Dove was cruelty free now and First Aid Beauty is not cruelty free anymore.

  • Gina Tomaselli says:

    Rodan & Fields is cruelty-free, but not certified. Still, it seems like there are companies on here that aren’t certified. They do not sell in China, based in SF, and if you email them they will confirm they do not animal test.

  • Gina Tomaselli says:

    Tom’s is NOT cruelty-free. It is owned by Colgate. So the actual product may not be tested but I wouldn’t count it as cruelty-free.

  • Jas says:

    I was wondering about Yardley’s. I’ve read an article on ethicalelephant, saying that while they’re not certified, they are cruelty free. While in Logical Harmony, it’s on the not cruelty free list, but also in the pending list…

    So it’s a bit confusing.

  • MSJVR says:

    Hi, I was wondering if Collection Cosmetics in the UK is cruelty free? I have been trying to find anywhere that confirms if they are or not as I am in the process of decluttering products that are not cruelty free and I have a lot of Collection cosmetic items.

    • Bunny says:

      So far in my search, Collection is CF. However the UK CF list I’ve see it on is still listing Burts Bees.

  • Kat says:

    Hey! Just recently made the decision to be mindful of my beauty buys. I am surprised that Burt’s Bees is not on the cruelty-free list. Was it missed or Is there something I should know?? I love that brand and was under the assumption they were, for the most part, natural and cruelty free.

  • Richard says:

    Just wondering if anyone else in the UK is getting frustrated with the ability to find basic price own brand cruelty free cosmetics and toiletries in the supermarkets?
    My shopping used to be very straightfoward at the Co-op- everything I needed was in there but they appear to now have discontinued own brand toothpaste, deodorant and various other of my preferred versions of shampoo and other stuff (I liked the two in one).
    Recently Sainsburys which was my alternative on roll on deodorant appears to have stopped selling it’s own brand and there doesn’t appear to be a single leaping bunny neutral (ie for men) certified roll on deodorant in any supermarket. The closest I can get is a slightly premium one at M&S, although even here these are mostly highly scented and aimed at women.
    It’s very frustrating that while many supermarkets actually tend to be cruelty free, they tend be stocking the big brands which aren’t.

  • Shamara Phillips says:

    I was just one Simple’s skincare website 2/14/2019 and it said they were cruelty free. This list says it’s not. I trust this list more than the company. I was wondering what is it they left out in their cruelty free description that I missed.

  • Andrea says:

    So, Drybar just released a boar bristle brush. Does that make them still cruelty free certified?

  • Elise says:

    I’m so excited to come across this list! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!I can see myself using this as a go-to when out shopping BUT when I went to use the filters on my iPhone, the results list disappears ?. Any workarounds for that for mobile? Thanks so much for putting this together! So great!

  • Allie says:

    Arbonne is not tested on animals as well as cruelty free! Didn’t see it on here?

  • Chelsea says:

    A friend recently gifted me a few masks from Esfolio. I can see from the ingredients that they are not vegan, but have not been able to find information confirming they and the ingredients that they source are cruelty-free, nor are they on any lists that show that they do conduct animal testings. Any ideas?

  • Ahmose says:

    My It Cosmetics blush & Elf lip gloss say made in China. But China requires animal testing, so are they really cruelty free?

    • Bunny says:

      As I understand it – the law about testing in China is for products imported there, not made there. Does not apply to Hong Kong.

  • Kay says:

    What about Arbonne?

  • Margo says:

    I can’t seem to get the filters to work… Is it just me? I chose Skincare, Mid Range, and ships to US and got nothing. I thought maybe there just weren’t any that fit those criteria (although it’s hard to believe that), but I played around more and can’t get any results when I select any filter… Am I doing something wrong?

  • beatriz chao says:

    revolution is cruelty-free and vegan??

  • Michelle says:

    Not that long ago I emailed Unilever because I couldn’t figure out if one of their brands, Andrelon, was crueltyfree or not. They emailed me back and said they didn’t test on animals (mostly due to it being illegal in most of Europe). Yet on your website Unilever is still presented as a company that tests on animals. Could you explain why?

    Also, shouldn’t brands like WinkyLux and Fenty Beauty be on this list?

  • Kat says:

    Would it be possible to get a “Category” column like you have with your list of companies who aren’t cruelty free? Also, for some reason when I try to filter, it hides all items in the list. 🙁

  • Alison Miller says:

    Thank you for this. My daughter and I have been trying to only buy cruelty free for the last couple of years. This is very helpful!

  • Siân says:

    Neal’s Yard Remedies – one to add to the cruelty free list

  • Siân says:

    Neal’s Yard Remedies – on to add to the cruelty free list.

  • Tiffany Wester Love says:

    I saw ELF on the list but I’ve noticed that some of their