Are you a blogger? Are you an animal-lover that wants to contribute to Cruelty Free Kitty?

You can pitch me your ideas for a blog post at Be sure to link me to your blog or a post you’ve written, too. If I like your idea, I’ll give you the go-ahead to write your post! You’ll get a mention, as well as a link to your site and/or social media.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Your post must be an original article that has not been published anywhere else (including your own blog).
  • At least 400 words.
  • Proper grammar.
  • 1 or more original pictures (with credit if applicable). Please make sure you have permission to use the image.
  • The post has to fit in with the theme of Cruelty Free Kitty (cruelty-free beauty, vegan lifestyle, healthy living, animals…).
  • I will not accept guest posts that are SEO-driven and have the sole purpose of getting a backlink!
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