Hi! How are you? I hope 2017 has been a good year for you too.

I’m mainly writing this post because I’ve been MIA these past few months. I want to tell you why, and what’s going on.

I’ve shared bits and bobs of personal information here before, but I always only scratch the surface. I won’t be going into much detail today either (typical) but I’ll do my best!

In 2016 I shared that I was having a rough time and I was overall in a dark state of mind. I’m happy to share that in 2017 I’ve turned everything around, and I’m doing a million times better.

Getting out of my funk wasn’t easy. One scary decision I took was to travel. It started out as a roadtrip in the Canadian east coast with my boyfriend, and in July, we booked a one-way ticket to Berlin.

Long story short, I’m now writing this from the Canary Islands and I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone!

These days, I’ve been waking up early-ish (I’m a total night owl so this is pretty good), working, going to the beach, and working some more.

All my traveling was made possible because I work from home as a blogger, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

I also want to say that running this blog gives me a purpose and has been such a blessing. Cruelty-Free Kitty has brought positive energy to my life and I hope I can pass on the positive vibes.

I’m really big on following your dreams and seeing where your creativity takes you. Whatever you do, don’t let fear stop you. We have the power to change reality. Be it our individual lives, or whatever we don’t agree with in the world. We really do.

The big site relaunch!

Back up. I’ve been working on this blog, yet I’ve been away? YES!

I’ve been working on exciting new things behind the scenes. There’s going to be a big site relaunch in February if everything goes according to plan! I’m really excited to show you. I’m still working on the design right now and figuring out how to implement some cool new features I hope you’ll like too.

Here’s a sneak peak of the main features I’m working on:

01. A searchable list of cruelty-free brands. You’ll be able to search by category, price range, etc. This is huuuuge!

02. A community where you can ask questions and have them answered by myself or other members. This is also where you’ll be able to suggest brands to investigate and add to the list.

The look of the blog will be similar but more modern and easier to read. Also, I’m not giving up on the Duplicats — the 2 cats in the logo!

I hope you have a wonderful 2018 filled with love and everything you wish for! Thanks for sticking around and fighting the good fight along with me.

Progress is always happening. We’re on our way to a global ban on animal testing. It won’t be tomorrow, but it’s coming. Even China is slowly shaking up their (very unnecessary) regulations. In 2017, several countries have banned animal testing or introduced bills to ban it.

In 2018, let’s make our lives better and make the world a little bit of a better place. We can change our reality. 🙂