Wet N Wild is cruelty-free! They do not test on animals, can be found on PETA’s list, and do not sell their products in China. They answered my questions about their animal testing policy very clearly in this email:

Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 2:53 PM

Hello Kitty,

Thank you for contacting wet n wild!

We are happy to inform you that we do not test on animals at any point of our production nor do we purchase any materials from vendors who test on animals. Our products are made in China but not sold in China so we do not have to abide by their laws of animal testing. We love our fury, hairy, scaled and winged friends and we do not plan to animal test in the future.

We hope this helps and please feel free to contact us again!

Thank you so much,

wet n wild Beauty

Even better, Wet N Wild joined Leaping Bunny’s list of cruelty-free brands in 2015 and can be still be found on it.

Here they are on PETA in 2016:


And here they are on Leaping Bunny’s list in 2016, listed as Markwins (Wet N Wild’s parent company):


Woo! One of the few drugstore brands to remain cruelty-free!

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  • Hello, Wet n Wild is still on the list for NOT being cruelty free. They are certified by PETA and have strict guidelines. Why are they still listed as not cruelty free?

  • Wow Im glad I found this discussion in google I have bought some products from wet n wild through online. As I checked tha packaging it says made in PRC ao I check further on net if its harmful or being tested on animals…as you know…made in China…Im glad happy to have read this.

  • Just to let everyone know, Wet n Wild (Markwins International) is no longer on the Leaping Bunny list. Companies must recommit each year and they have yet to do so for 2017.

    • This is so sad! Thanks for letting us, I’ll be looking into it. Hopefully they’re still cruelty-free.

    • This is so sad! Thanks for letting us know, I’ll be looking into it. Hopefully they’re still cruelty-free.

  • Do they test their nail polishes on animals? I was looking and absolutely none of my bottles from brand new to completely dried up say “not tested on animals” or have the cruelty free bunny like all the other Wet ‘N Wild Products.

    I’ve seen them over the years as well as I looked at a few of my Mom’s products all had it labeled on the product in the bunny or said it wasn’t tested on animals but not on the nail polishes 🙁

  • I was on their website just now, and in the section where you select your country, China is listed. Have they changed & started selling there now? 🙁

      • If it’s made in China it’s cruelty free but if not they require testing? I was going to buy a gift pack of their nail polishes but noticed it was made In China where testing is ‘required’ so I don’t understand that distinction.

        • Hi Ali,

          China requires testing of makeup sold within China, but does not require testing of makeup made in China and then NOT sold there. A lot of makeup companies want the money from the Chinese market so badly that they are willing to test on animals so they can sell there. However, there are several companies that have their products made in China and then intentionally do NOT sell to the Chinese market so they can avoid testing on animals.

          I hope one day the Chinese citizenry will change the laws in China to eliminate the requirement on animal testing. It’s very sad.

          Side note: In India they have an opposite law. It is ILLEGAL to test makeup on animals. I wish every country would follow that lead.


          – Siggy

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