Sonia Kashuk is owned by Target but is cruelty-free. They don’t sell in China, where animal testing is required by law.

They claim that their brushes are cruelty-free, but keep in mind that the only truly cruelty-free brushes are synthetic and vegan. Sonia Kashuk brushes are made from natural bristles and although they claim the animal hair is obtained “just like a haircut”, there’s no reason way to verify this and they ignored my questions about the topic.

Thank you for contacting us! Please know that all of our products are cruelty-free and we are completely against harming any animals in any way for the production of our products. This stance on animal cruelty applies to our cosmetic products as well as our brushes. We also ensure our manufacturers and suppliers do not test on animals as we are extremely against it! Our company is very passionate about this as I’m sure you are too and we will diligently keep our policies as such. However, our products are not vegan, since we do use animal by-products in our line. That being said, all animal by products used are still cruelty free. For instance, beeswax is used in our lipstick. This is an animal by-product making the lipstick non-vegan, but obtaining beeswax does not harm the bee. Another example is our natural hair brushes. The bristles are made of animal hair, which is an animal by-product, but the hair is obtained through a simple hair cut, just like cutting human hair, leaving the animal alive and unharmed. You can go to our website, for full ingredient listings of all products to determine which products have non-vegan ingredients and of course, all synthetic brushes are vegan. As I stated prior, we do NOT test on animals, we are extremely against this and we are very passionate about anti-animal cruelty so we always rigorously maintain these policies. You should also be happy to know we are not sold in China, currently just the US & Canada, as I’m sure you are aware of their requirement of animal testing.

We have looked into PETA but since we are a beauty brand that is owned by the Target Company the process is even longer for us. Its gets very complicated. Unfortunately for now all we have is our word and of course the ingredient listings on our site. We truly appreciate your questions and time you took to write them. We are working toward having the leaping bunny in our future! I hope this helps and if you have any further inquires please do not hesitate to ask.

Sonia Kashuk Team

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  • We have to take their word for it. 🤣 I wish they couldnt claim cruelty free status withouth publicly available evidence to back it up.

  • May I ask what questions you asked the brand that they did not reply too?

    I realize this is an older post but I am curious what her statement is missing and also, in general questions to ask companies regarding makeup brushes.

  • Wow that’s the most directly worded letter from a company I’ve ever read! I wrote to Trader Joe’s once to ask them why they claim their toothpaste as vegan when it has propolis in it and got some bs automated letter back. Good for Sonia Kashuk…

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