does nads test on animals
Nad’s is cruelty-free! They can be found on PETA and don’t test on animals at any point, nor do they sell in China!

Here’s their e-mail confirmation:

HI Kitty,
We absolutely do not do ANY animal testing, nor do we use any contract manufacturers or suppliers who test on animals. This is a very strict policy of ours. We vet all of our suppliers and business partners before doing business with them to ensure that they have the same policy. We do not sell our products in China or Hong Kong. That being said, we haven’t control over a distributor who may purchase the product and ship it to China for resale, however, I do not believe this is occurring, as our pricing model would be too high for them to be profitable in China. Our main markets are the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. We have a small distributor who sells our products online in Japan, but they do not sell in China….only Japan to a select elite group of customers (they sell the product at a premium because it is difficult to obtain there).

I hope that allays your concerns. Just so you are aware, PETA does a thorough vetting process of all companies before listing them on their cruelty-free list. We have passed the very stringent and thorough background checks that PETA conducts in order to be placed on that list, so you can rest assured that a company listed as cruelty-free is truly a cruelty-free company.

The only reason we are not included additionally on PETA’s Vegan listing is because our products have Beeswax and Honey in them, and many Vegans feel that even honey or wax is against the vegan tradition as it is a by-product of a living creature. So this only allowed us placement on the cruelty-free list, but not on their vegan list as well.

Susann Huffman | US Operations Manager

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