does murad test on animals
Murad is cruelty-free. Their products are not tested on animals. They’re also on PETA’s list.

Here’s correspondence from them:

Thank you for your email.

To answer your questions: No. Murad Canada does not test their products on animals at any point in the production.
Dr. Murad is a dermatologist, all ingredients are carefuly selected and are not tested on animals.
Our products are not sold in China.
We are the Canadian distributor for Murad a company based in the United States, all our products have to be approved by Health Canada and are tested on a regular basis.

I hope this infomration was useful for you. If you have any more questions or requests, please contact Customer Service with the information below.

Customer Service

The company also lists the following company value on their website:

Protecting animals by testing products on people, by using ingredients that have not been animal tested and by supporting and sponsoring animal rescue groups and oceanographic teaching institutions.

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  • Some Murad products contain Taurine which is derived from animals. They may not test on animals but their products contain animals. Not vegan.

  • It’s nice to know that their products are cruelty-free. I’ve been dealing with constant breakouts lately and am interested in trying out Murad products. However, I heard that some of their products are vegan and others aren’t; does anyone here know which of their products are vegan?

  • Hello, I am using Murad products and I am very happy they don’t test on animals, but I have noticed that was said that they don’t sell in China, so why is then written on their website that they have a distributor in China Hongkong? Thank you for your answer 🙂

      • Thank you for you answer:) I also saw that Murad would soon be owned by Unilever? What is that supossed to mean? That they would no longer be cruelty free? Best regards

        • It’s hard to say for sure at this point. If they’re acquired by Unilever, they might keep their cruelty-free status or they might start selling in mainland China and lose it. I’ll keep you posted though. 🙂

          • The status of cruelty free remains unchanged since the merge with Unilever.

  • I just bought ‘Skin Perfecting Lotion’, n just noticed there is allantoin as one of the ingredient. Could u please clarify whether it is from animal based or plant based? if it is from animal based, i really appreciate it if u can share with me whether it is halal or not… thanks

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