Although Eyeko’s customer service representative wasn’t too helpful at first (I had to laugh at the grow gel part), they eventually informed me that Eyeko is in fact cruelty-free and vegan and that their raw materials aren’t tested on animals, either by Eyeko, their suppliers, or third parties. Eyeko is not sold in China.

Initial reply:

Hi Suzi,

Thank you for your email and concern.

We are happy to say that we do not test on animals. Our products are 100% cruelty free to animals.

At this point in time we have not registered with a particular organisation to declare this but it is something we take pride in across all of our products. All of our products contain botanical ingredients to nourish the body. We are completely paraben free as well.

We do not sell in China currently.

The Brow Gel contains broccoli extract and there are numerous fruit extracts in our products as well.

Kind Regards,

In-depth reply:


We do not test on animals, not even our raw ingredients.

Nor do we support any companies who test on animals.

They are also vegan friendly. [Edit: Not all Eyeko products are vegan-friendly.]

We do not sell in China and our suppliers do not test.

I hope this helps!

Kidn Regards,


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Haha! Those poor broccoli that have to die for us to enjoy their extracts in brow gels 😉

Thanks for this post, I was just double checking on whether eyeko is cruelty free 🙂

Suzi Scheler

Haha, I’m glad someone else noticed that part! I thought it was pretty funny.


I noticed that their Sport Waterproof Mascara has beeswax listed as an ingredient… 🙁


Actually all 6 of their mascaras are listed to have beeswax in them!

Suzi Scheler

I’m so sorry this happened and I apologize for not looking into the ingredients myself. Thank you for bringing this up though. I updated the post and I’ll follow up with Eyeko as well. It’s definitely not okay.

Hey there, Thanks for the reply. I started looking into EYEKO a little more closely yesterday. On their website it simply claims ‘We are against animal testing. Please see our full list of ingredients available on each product page.’ (copied directly from their site). I have a couple of problems with this as I feel this is very vague. Stating you are against animal testing is not actually stating that the company doesn’t practice it. Mentioning a full list of ingredients is available, again, isn’t proof of being cruelty free either. No where does it clearly state that the company… Read more »