EOS mainly makes lip balms and shaving creams. EOS is NOT cruelty-free. An e-mail exchange with a representative confirmed that their products are sold in China, where animal testing is mandatory.


JUL 12, 2014  |  05:38PM EDT

Thank you for your email. We do not develop our products by testing any of our products or ingredients on animals. We do not require our suppliers to perform any animal testing and, to the best of our knowledge, they do not test on animals. We do sell our products in Asia.


Thank you for your quick response. Could you please tell me if you have retailers located in China? I couldn’t find anything in Asia on your website’s store locator.


JUL 13, 2014  |  01:17AM EDT

Our products are sold in China. Thank you for your interest in eos.

Unfortunately, because EOS entered the Chinese market, their products have been tested on animals. It’s also important to note that EOS cannot guarantee that their suppliers don’t test on animals, which means they could be testing on animals outside of China as well.

You can click here to read more about China’s animal testing laws.

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  • The EOS vegan crystal lip balm says it is not tested on animals. Just fyi, not sure if anything has changed in the past few years for this company or on certain products.

  • I was just curious if this was updated? Because on their website it says that they are cruelty-free and if they aren’t then aren’t they supposed to take that down?

  • I was just curious as to if this information was updated because their website says that they are cruelty-free…

  • Hey eos people,do you think you could send your pets to be tested on in China. That would be great if they could torture your pets…see how you feel about that!!

  • eos Products
    Sep 5 (3 days ago)

    to me
    Please type your reply at the top of the email…
    SEP 05, 2017 | 06:05PM EDT
    Thank you for your interest in eos and this important matter. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals and we do not ask or require our suppliers to test on animals. eos products that are sold in China are manufactured there, using locally sourced ingredients and are not required to undergo animal testing. eos continues to look for new ways to improve not only our products, but also to support our environment. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    S. Parker
    I recently emailed asking how they could say they are cruelty free above was their response.

  • In their official Facebook page they say that their products are made in China. Thus,the products are not tested on animals. Is that true? How can we be sure of that?

  • Yes, EOS sells to China, and China tests on animals in most cases, but get real here. EOS does NOT test on animals, China does that because they require it. You can refuse to buy EOS products for that reason if you want, but do not accuse EOS of animal testing, they do not. I had stopped buying them, but realized that Walmarts and other stores I shop at sell to China, too. I don’t penalize them for that, because, let’s face it, Walmarts is what I can AFFORD. I’m not going to blame EOS for something China is doing. Yes, I wish they wouldn’t sell to China, but lots of people I have to do business with do as well. I only have a limited amount of money, I’m afraid.

  • but the EOS company themselves don’t test their products or ingredients on animals and just because they are sold in china does not mean that EOS test on animals, it means that the people in china receive the product and then test it on animals. It is also not very fair to say that animal testing is mandatory in china, as in some cases it is not.

  • In Target now and was thinking about getting the shaving cream….oh well. Walking past EOS right now …they showuld wise up!!!

  • China requires animal testing for products to be sold in their countries except if it’s sold online. Get informed.

  • Wrong. EOS is an AMERICAN company, meaning that they’re subjected to the animal testing regulation. It doesn’t matter if their stuff is made in China.

  • Hi, I received the same type of response from eos when I asked them about their animal testing policy, “to the best of our knowledge, they do not test on animals.”. Perhaps you have seen recently that Mainland China and Hong Kong are available location options on their website now.


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