EOS mainly makes lip balms and shaving creams. EOS is NOT cruelty-free. An e-mail exchange with a representative confirmed that their products are sold in China, where animal testing is mandatory.


JUL 12, 2014  |  05:38PM EDT

Thank you for your email. We do not develop our products by testing any of our products or ingredients on animals. We do not require our suppliers to perform any animal testing and, to the best of our knowledge, they do not test on animals. We do sell our products in Asia.


Thank you for your quick response. Could you please tell me if you have retailers located in China? I couldn’t find anything in Asia on your website’s store locator.


JUL 13, 2014  |  01:17AM EDT

Our products are sold in China. Thank you for your interest in eos.

Unfortunately, because EOS entered the Chinese market, their products have been tested on animals. It’s also important to note that EOS cannot guarantee that their suppliers don’t test on animals, which means they could be testing on animals outside of China as well.

You can click here to read more about China’s animal testing laws.