When I started blogging in 2014, the cruelty-free community was quite small. I remember being so happy when I discovered the #cfbloggers Twitter Chat, founded by Morag of mo’adore. Meeting like-minded bloggers was awesome!

Today, the community expanded so much and there are great cruelty-free bloggers all over the world. We each have our own voice, but share a similar vision of kindness and compassion.

All the ladies featured in this post are making the world a better place in their own way, and I think they deserve some credit for that! I split the list into beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and YouTubers. You’ll find so many wonderful blogs in this list, so go give them a follow!

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Beauty Bloggers

If you’re new to cruelty-free beauty, I especially recommend you check out Logical Harmony. Tashina has been a vegan since 2011, and her research is thorough. If you’re a makeup junkie, absolutely go check out Phyrra. She posts everything from product reviews to makeup looks, and updates frequently.

My Beauty Bunny, another favorite, is the first cruelty-free beauty blog ever created, and Jen still maintains it daily. For reviews of vegan beauty products, I also recommend Sunny’s blog, Vegan Beauty Review!

1. Ambinity (Maria) | | Puerto Rico
2. Blanc Et Noir (Erbse) | | Germany (German)
3. Blazemetics | | Canada
4. Buying Cruelty-Free (Catherine) | | USA
5. Caring Cosmetics (Lizzie) | | UK
6. Clear Conscience Beauty (Jordana) | | UK
7. Char W Beauty (Charlotte) | | UK
8. Creestaaal | | USA
9. Cruelty-Free Goddess (Erin) | | USA
10. Ethical Elephant (Vicky) | | Canada
11. Fruity2Beauty |
12. Happy Bunny Beauty |
13. Je T’Aime By Hotashi (Hotashi) | | Canada
14. Kaylin’s Kit (Kaylin) | | USA
15. Kind Beautiful Cruelty-Free (Eleanor) |
16. Kindness Beauty And Truth (Laura) | | USA
17. Kitty Approved Beauty (Sandra) | | USA
18. Laura’s Beauty (Laura) | | UK
19. Logical Harmony (Tashina) | | USA
20. Lovely Witches (Gemima) | | UK
21. Makeup Amusement Park (Nicky) | | USA
22. Makeup Etc (Louise) | | UK
23. Makeup Guinea Pig (Christine) | | USA
24. Moxie Reviews | | USA
24. My Beauty Bunny (Jen) | | USA
25. Naturally Erratic (Bria) | | USA
26. Once Upon A Cream (Daniela) | | Austria (German)
27. Phyrra (Courtney) | | USA
28. Pink And Rouge (Natalie) | | UK
29. Pretty Harmless (Alli) | | USA
30. Reasonable Raven (Nicole) | | USA
31. Sammy Sans Cruelty (Vivi) |
32. Slightgem (Gemma) | | UK
33. The Little Foxes (Ashlee) | | USA
34. The Makeup Chair (Pippa) | | Australia
35. The Vegan Taff (Kelly) | | UK
36. The Zombie Said (Steph) | | UK
37. Toasty (Beth) | | UK
38. Vegan Beauty Addict |
39. Vegan Beauty Review (Sunny) | | USA
40. Vegan Beauty Studio (Kat) | | Germany
41. Vegan Makeup (Kady, Sylvia, Rowan) | | USA
42. Vegetarian Beauty Products (Anne) | | USA
43. Victoria Kaitlin (Victoria) | | Canada
44. Voodoo Blonde (Mara) | | Croatia

Lifestyle Bloggers

45. A Better Kind (Hayley) | | Australia
46. A Kinder Way | | USA
47. Akin To A Ray Of Sunshine (Vicki) | | USA
48. Aniqa Dreams (Ana) | | UK
49. Annie Inspired By Nature (Annie) | | UK
50. Ashly London (Ashly) | | UK
51. Brianne Etc (Brianne) | | UK
52. Collective Individualism (Sarah) | | UK
53. Cruelty Free Information (Rebekah) | | USA
54. Cruelty-Free Blog (Sorbet) | | Poland (Polish)
55. Cruelty-Free Cottage (Jessica) | | UK
55. Cruelty-Free With Me (Claire) |
56. Daisily (Molly) | | UK
57. Earth By Anna (Anna) | | Australia
58. Gala’s Blog (Gala) | | France (French)
59. Hello Gemma (Gemma) | | UK
60. Hey Georgie Girl (Georgia) | | UK
61. I’d Rather Be Reading (Martha) | | USA
62. In Restless Wonder (Lottie) | | UK
62. Indulgent Rose (Jess) |
63. It’s Good To (Rose) | | USA
63. Jessica Beautician (Jessica) | | UK
64. Katie Vibes (Katie) | | UK
65. Kind Culture (Sonam) | | UK
66. Live Wild Be Free (Cornelia) | | Australia
67. Lucadonta (Lucianna) | | UK
68. Mica Day (Mica) | | UK
69. Mo’adore (Morag) | | UK
70. Naoki (Sophie) | | Netherlands (Dutch)
71. Potpourri (Daye) | | USA
72. Tea In The Tub (Helen) | | UK
73. Tea On The Tyne (Emily) | | UK
74. The Bell Jar (Emily) | | UK
75. The Chic Identity (Carla) |
76. The Curvaceous Vegan (Amie) | | UK
77. The December Daze (Lauren) | | UK
78. The Effervescent Vegan (Jenny) | | USA
79. The Fresh Issue (Veronica) | | Italy
79. The Glowing Fridge (Shannon) | | USA
80. The July Journal (Yasmina) | | UK
81. The V Nice Life (Sarah) | | UK
82. The Vegan Mermaid (Devon) | | UK
83. Tiny Grey Cat (Lily) | | UK
84. Underland To Wonderland (Danielle) | | UK
85. Vamp It Up Manchester (Chrissie) | | UK
86. Vegan Beauty Blog (Anna) | | Germany
87. Vegetarian Courtesty (Adi) | | English/Spanish
88. What Lauren Did Today (Lauren) | | UK


89. Stephanie Lange | Visit Channel
90. Kristen Leanne | Visit Channel
91. Gemma Tomlinson | Visit Channel
92. Sarah Hawkinson | Visit Channel
93. Kiera Rose | Visit Channel
94. Derpina Mode | Visit Channel
95. Jessica Haze | Visit Channel
96. Christine Kobzeff | Visit Channel
97. Monami Frost | Visit Channel
98. Jade Madden | Visit Channel
99. xoLoveLeti | Visit Channel
100. Wife Life by Rhian Hy | Visit Channel
101. Kicki Yang Zhang | Visit Channel
102. Aniqa Dreams | Visit Channel
103. Raeanne Lydia | Visit Channel
104. Teri Miyahira | Visit Channel
105. Yasmine’s Beauty Life | Visit Channel
106. pslovebrandyy | Visit Channel
107. Rachelleea | Visit Channel
108. Blushing Biddies | Visit Channel

I hope everyone found some new blogs and channels to follow! It’s been amazing to witness all the new cruelty-free blogs throughout the months, and the community is still growing daily. If you’re a cruelty-free blogger and you’re not on this list, just contact me and I’ll be glad to add you. Same goes if your favorite bloggers or YouTubers aren’t on this list!


If you have any suggestions for me, please send me an e-mail at and I’ll include them to this list.

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Jen Mathews

What a great list! Bookmarking!

Suzi Scheler

Thank you so much Jen!


Thank you so much for the kind words about Logical Harmony!! <3

Suzi Scheler

Of course! <3


WOW! This is an amazing list you’ve been together Suzi!! Love this growing community!

Suzi Scheler


Jodi Butler

Thanks for this list Suzi! I’ve been trying to surround myself with more cruelty-free bloggers/vloggers so this is such a great place to start!

Suzi Scheler

That’s awesome! I see you’re using so many cruelty-free products already, good luck if you decide to make the full switch!

Jodi Butler

Thank you! 🙂

Cruelty Free Goddess

Omg! Thanks so much for including me! What I love most about the cruelty free blogging community is that we all stick together and support each other. When I first started blogging, I was so worried that it would be more competitive. Thanks for the love, dear. <3

Suzi Scheler

Girl, you’re one of my faves! <3

Vivi M

This list is seriously comprehensive! Thank you so much for adding me 🙂
And i’m definitely going to go through it to find more blogs to follow.

Suzi Scheler

I hope you do! Please let me know if you think anyone should be added, too!


Thank you so much for including me Suzi! Your blog has been such a massive help to me. Looking forward to checking out everyone else on the list 🙂
Much love x

Suzi Scheler

Thank you Georgia, I’m so glad! 🙂

Danielle Eskdale

Eeee! I saw someone RT this on Twitter so thought I’d find some new people to follow and then I saw me?! :O Thank you so much! And between such wonderful other bloggers too.<3

Suzi Scheler

Haha, of course I included you! I only discovered your blog recently but it’s beautiful. 🙂

Jordana R

Suzi, thank you so much for including my blog in your list. You just put a huge smile on my face. There are so many blogs on here that I’ve never read! I’ll be bookmarking this page and getting stuck in!

Suzi Scheler

You’re more than welcome, Jordana! 🙂

Sissi Nuthman

I’m a cruelty free blogger and YouTuber as well! Would love if you could add me too! 😉

Suzi Scheler

Will do! 🙂


Hello Suzi, Love your informative blog very much! I started my own blog a few months ago ( The Fresh Issue ) where I incorporate cruelty-free & organic products into my lifestyle. It is also about ethical fashion, the importance of being a conscious consumer and travel, because I do a lot of that 🙂 Check it out, I’d love your feedback :

Suzi Scheler

Thanks Veronica, I’ll check it out!

Kiss & Make-up

Oh wow, who knew there were so many of you 😀 Awesome.


I have one too 🙂 feel free to check it out 🙂 Love your blog! <3

Suzi Scheler

Thanks Claire, I’ll check it out!


Wow, thank you so much for including me on your list Suzi! Such a great list! Going cruelty free (as well as vegan in terms of food/fashion) with my beauty products has been the best decision I’ve ever made, and your blog has always been such a huge help along the way! Thanks again! X

Suzi Scheler

Aww, thank you Jessica!

Sarah Rose Landman

Oh my goodness – just saw this list and was so pleasantly surprised to see that you recommended my blog. 🙂 THANK YOU! Also, I can’t wait to check out these other bloggers and YouTubers – I’m always looking for more cruelty-free/vegan people to follow. 🙂

Suzi Scheler

Thanks so much, Carla!! 🙂


This is such an amazing list! I’ve got so many new blogs to check out, thank you! 🙂 Also thank you so much for including me, you’ve made my day 🙂

Suzi Scheler

You’re more than welcome, thanks for keeping it cruelty-free! 🙂

Natalie PinkandRouge

Thank You Suzi!
Honoured. I love this wee cruelty free community! Im going to check everyone’s pages out now! <3

Kind Culture

Hi Suzi, thank you so much for the including me on your list! ☺ I hope you’re well – Sonam xx

Lizzie Aiken

Thanks for the mention! x

Jess Rose

Thanks so much for the mention x Am looking forward to getting into blogging again!
Jess x


I’m so happy I found your blog! I have a supporter of cruelty free.

Bengali Girl

I love your blog and have been using your guide diligently. Thank you for putting some goodness out there!


Hi — I would love to join this group! I also write about cruelty-free/ vegan living! 🙂 <3


I would love to be featured here, I’ve been blogging about my cruelty free transition for over a year now. 🙂

William Tran

Thanks for sharing. I have known many friends through this list. I would like to share this list with my friends.


Hi! I’m a cruelty-free/vegan blogger too! It would mean the world to me if you would check my blog out. I’m still working on getting it going but I think it’s coming together nicely. Come see for yourself! 🙂

Fiona Vella

Hi. My name is Fiona and I am from Malta. I have a cruelty-free blog too on Thank you for gathering all cruelty-free bloggers in one list.

Joe O\'Toole

Thanks for sharing such an awesome information. I am just going to bookmark this.


I love this list! I have a cruelty-free living blog myself, maybe I can be featured in one of these one day. Feel free to check it out!


Hi. I have a cruelty free blog and would love to be included on the list >>> 😁🐇🌱


so many blogs on here are inactive 🙁 that makes me so sad !

Melissa Gandarinho

Awesome list! How does one get on it? Would love to be a part of these amazing bloggers!