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A China Update?

Hello Suzi, first let me say I love your website/blog and consistently check it. I have vowed to only use beauty products that do not test on animals and I have encouraged my family to do the same! So thank you so much for your information, without it I would be so lost trying to find out for sure if these companies test or not.

I have a question regarding the animal testing law in China. I heard somewhere that this law was going to be abolished, have you heard anything about this at all? If so, does that mean many of the companies formerly on the list would be removed? If you have any information about this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again for all of your information and advice! Keep up the awesome work πŸ™‚


Hi Chelsea!

Thanks for the lovely words. πŸ™‚

The latest news is that China’s required animal testing law isn’t going to be lifted in the near future, and it’s a very slow process. That being said, organizations such as Humane Society International are always making efforts to lead to animal testing bans all over the world. I’m hopeful that someday, China will lift this law completely. For the time being, there hasn’t been any major update.

China did recently take the first steps towards less animal testing. Since 2014, Chinese companies that manufacture common cosmetics in China are no longer required to have their products tested on animals. But the big majority of beauty brands are still required to test their products on animals. All the info can be found here.

Sensitive + Acne-Prone Skin

Hi there!
I found your website via a friend and currently have your article saved that lists cruelty free products- So informative, thank you!

Even after reading your list though, I am still having a horribly hard time choosing the right product for me.

You see, I have quite sensitive, extreme acne prone skin. This makes makeup shopping even more difficult. Should I assume that these cruelty free products take into consideration acne prone skins? Should I assume that the organic, natural ingredient products won’t clog my pores?

I currently wear concealer for under-eyes, blemishes, acne, and discoloration. Then a quick sweep of lose powder foundation over the rest of my face. (Both products are not organic, natural ingredient, chemical-free, cruelty-free). I’ve been told that I need to wear primer but I’m afraid that will clog my pores.

I sincerely need HELP. Is there such thing as a light-weight, healthy, cruelty free makeup that has SPF and primer for acne prone skin?

Please, any advice or help that you can give would be appreciated tremendously!!

A gal trying to save her skin; Annie

Hey Annie,

As someone with sensitive skin and redness that needs a lot of coverage, I’ll try to give you my best advice.

First of all, don’t lose hope! You will absolutely find cruelty-free products that work with your skin. Cruelty-free or not, not all products are meant for acne-prone skin. Some will aggravate your skin, and some will keep the breakouts at bay.

So it’s really important to make sure you’re using the right products for you! Does your current skincare target acne-prone skin? I recommend Paula’s Choice. Their products are fragrance-free and they have such a big range for every skin type and concern. Take a look at their “shop by concern” section and select whatever applies to you.

For makeup (and this includes primer) you’ll need to experiment with different brands and products in order to find something that doesn’t break you out. We’re all sensitive to different ingredients. What breaks me out could agree with your skin, and vice versa.

Analyze specific products using CosDNA and look at the ingredients. Are they comedogenic? If they are, it means the product has a higher change of clogging your pores and causing acne. Natural isn’t always better in terms of acne and irritation. For example, products with coconut oil or cocoa butter make my skin break out.

Also, always remember to only add 1 new product to your routine at a time. That way you’ll know exactly how your skin reacts to it.

Good luck with finding the right products for you! It’s going to take a bit of trial and error, but sticking to a good skincare routine and finding a foundation and concealer that agree with your skin are key.

Fave Natural Foundation

Hi! What has been your favorite natural foundation?? Liquid one? Powder one?


Hi Marilyn!

My favorite natural foundation is the Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation by Vapour Organic Beauty. It has a good medium coverage, goes on sooo smoothly, and leaves a beautiful dewy finish. You can read my review here. πŸ™‚

I don’t use powder foundations anymore since my skin is on the dry side.

Ethical Dilemma

I have an ethical question. I have a bunch of products that are definitely not cruelty-free and want to make the switch to all cruelty-free. My question is what to do with the products I currently have – all of been used and most I can’t return at this point. Would just like your opinion. Thanks for the great site!!!


Hey Rachel,

Congrats on the switch!

I would finish up the products without repurchasing. Since you already purchased them, the “damage” has been done, so to speak. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with using a product if you purchased it before going cruelty-free, or if you receive it as a gift.

Cruelty-free makeup shouldn’t be about guilt. To me, it’s about making better and more positive choices.

Another option would be to donate the makeup to friends and family. You could tell them about your decision to go cruelty-free, and they might be on board as well! Good luck. πŸ™‚


Benefit doesn’t test on animals. A simple google search would show you that!!!


Hey Emily,

Benefit state they “don’t test on animals unless required by law.” This means they do test on animals under some circumstances and can’t be considered a cruelty-free company.

Here’s an article on this very topic: When Not Tested On Animals Is Complete Bullshit!

Shopping At Sephora?

Hi I saw on your ” where I shop ” section that you shop at sephora, but sephora isn’t cruelty free so I was wondering why you shop there if you don’t shop at stores that test on animals?


Hi Ruby,

Yes, I do mention Sephora is my post on Where I Shop Cruelty-Free!

See Also

For one, Sephora carries many cruelty-free brands. I choose to support the brands and not the retailers, since retailers are completely dependent on the brands they sell and have no animal testing policy of their own.

You can compare this with being vegan and shopping for fruits and vegetables at the same grocery store that sells meat and cheese, which is what most vegans do. Is it wrong? Of course not.

In Sephora’s case, they’re owned by the LVMH group. The LVMH group itself doesn’t test on animals and owns the Kendo brand, which is completely cruelty-free. This brand includes Kat Von D Beauty, Bite, Formula X, and Ole Henriksen — all 100% cruelty-free.

I hope this helps clear it up!


Hey! Firstly, I absolutely love your blog! Thanks for bringing awareness to myself and others regarding animal cruelty in the beauty industry. I was looking on the Maybelline website after viewing your list of companies that test on animals and was directed to this link on L’Oreal’s website saying that they do not test on animals. I am not sure if I am reading this wrong, but was wondering if you could clarify for me?

Thanks again for creating such a great blog πŸ™‚


Hey Shania,

Thank you! πŸ™‚

This is a great question, because it’s really important to understand that companies use tactics to make themselves blend in as being cruelty-free. The language they use is one of those tactics, and this is what L’Oreal is doing right here.

I wrote a post on this topic here, which I suggest you take a quick look at: How L’Oreal Is Misleading Consumers About Being Cruelty-Free

Essentially, L’Oreal is leaving out some important facts that make it clear they’re not a cruelty-free company. For instance, they claim that they could potentially test on animals where required by law, as well as for some new ingredients.

Company VS Products

Good day Suzi,

I have two questions on your 2016 list of brands that test on animals. I want to know about Suave. you have it under haircare but they also have deodorant and its not listed under that. Does that mean some products are tested on animals and some are not. Or once you name the product once its for everything.

Also do you have a twitter/pinterest for your website?


Hi Cynthia,

If a brand is listed in my list of Companies That DO Test On Animals, none of the products from that brand are cruelty-free, since the company as a whole tests on animals. I only listed each brand once and tried to fit it where it makes the most sense! If you’re looking for a specific brand and can’t find it, please type ctrl + F to search for the brand on the page.


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