Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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  • Michelle Daniels says:

    Thank you! I love ALL animals though I only have cats. I can’t see why we need to test on these creatures who’ve done nothing wrong except to be born. We have THOUSANDS of murderers, rapists, burglars, etc. Just languishing in prisons. Why not test on them??

  • Jay Winterbrook says:

    Thank you for providing this valuable information.
    I know there’s a couple of things I need to change.

  • Laurie says:

    Thank you, it will be great if I can check while shopping. The brands that say they are & sell in China shd be fined for lyingvto consumers.

  • Cynthia Russak says:

    Glad to be on your list….I had been using Yves Rocher but recently learned they are not cruelty free, and though they say they don’t test on animals, they often do. Therefore I will be dropping them.

  • Mary Di Domenico says:

    Thank you for putting the truth about what products are cruelty free. This helps me so much. I would never want to use any type of products that test on animals. I am not alone in this.

  • Kim says:

    Is GM Collins cruelty free–not on the list and wondering what they do that does not comply?

  • Janet G Wooldridge says:

    Can you please update this amazing list? It appears to be a year old. Thank you.

  • Catherine Montford says:

    Could you show prices in sterling

  • Craig Benefiel says:


  • DJ says:

    Thank you for all your research to protect those with no voice, all of the wild kingdom!

  • Kim says:

    Thank you for providing cruelty, free product information .

    It is good to see companies offering, cruelty, free options .

  • Sophia Williams says:

    End using non – cruelty free products, it’s dirty and gross, stop buying from the terrible disgusting companies that test on animals. Animals are more important than beauty

  • EL says:

    Es increíble que en pleno 2022 las empresas aun sigan testeando en animales, gracias a Dios hay empresas que soy consientes del daño que causa a los animales, que desde luego no merecen ningún tipo de maltrato ELLOS MERECEN NUESTRO RESPETO .

  • Desiree says:

    Animals don’t buy and wear the makeup. So test it on the people instead.

  • Maria says:

    How can anyone harm an animal. I’d rather you harm people. Test it on the After all,the people are the ones buying and wearing it.

  • Lisa Porter says:

    I am so upset that there are still so many unevolved companies still using animals to test products! I thought this practice went away a long time ago!!! I feel betrayed!

  • Debby florr says:

    Stop animal testing!!! animals are innocent, why should they suffer by humans? Animals also have feelings and have fears. I was very sad when I saw them being tortured slowly. from now on, don’t buy products that are still experimenting on animals!! thanks for saving them, keep fighting to save them!! From Indonesia????????????????????????????????????????

  • Marta Hawk says:

    I love animals and want to do all l can to protect them, including buying products that are not tested on animals.

  • Kimberlyn says:

    STOP TESTING ON ANIMALS. They don’t deserve any of this, we need to stand up for them as they can’t stand up for themselves.

  • Diana Jennings says:

    Testing on animals is vile and disgusting…..I will definitely share….

  • Nancy Sanders says:

    OMG! Thank you so much! My heart breaks that I have had to give up my favorite mascara from L’Oreal that I had used for at least 15 years! It doesn’t matter though. If I am saving the eyeballs of a tiny furry creature, even just one time, it makes my heart soar with happiness! My dream is that someday I won’t have to ask “is such and such brand cruelty free“. It should all be cruelty free. They should test it on their own eyeballs if they wanna know if something works or not. You can bet their pay grade would go up!

  • Mary Starr says:

    Thank you so much! I cannot stand The thought of these poor creatures going through such pain and torture. It’s all unnecessary and it must stop. Thank you for your efforts

  • Rachelle Odolphe says:

    Thank for what you are doing, we do not know how harmful these products can be to humans and their health. This really helps thank you!!!

  • I think you guys are so wonderful. I had no idea how many items are not cruelty free. I have a cat and I cannot imagine what kind of people can do this. God bless you.

  • Jeanette Bobikevich says:

    Thank you for helping to keep the fur babies safe.

  • Susan Smith says:

    I love what you do for of us animal lovers!

  • Alissa says:

    This is such an awesome resource! Thanks for making this available!!

  • marti says:

    Thank you so much for your help … I did it … it took the first three months of this year … but I accomplished my New Year’s Resolution to only use completely cruelty-free products from now on! Your help was priceless! And now I have a source to make it easier for others.
    Thank you for your work!!!!

  • Elaine Lynch says:

    This is very interesting, Thank you for supplying this.

  • Marcel says:

    Are these products vegan

  • Gwen Maginity says:

    How does a state become cruelty free?

  • Emily says:

    I’m trying to check on a soap that I have been buying company name Shugar Soapworks. It claims to be vegan and cruelty free. I didnt see it on this list here so I thought I’d ask.

  • Theodora-Maria says:

    Thank you for this list. All the people have to understand what happens to the animals and stop supporting brands that do experiments at the animals.

  • Jamie Lynn Klippenstein says:

    Thank you for all the accurate information and help navigating this animal cruelty free network!

  • Raegan Medgie Monos says:

    I am so excited to receive my first CFK beauty box! Thank you for existing…I’ve been practicing living cruelty free since the 7th grade…in 1994! #OGCruelty-Free

  • Brianna says:

    Really wanting to go cruelty free and Thai list will be very helpful

  • Slaviana says:

    Just wondering, on this website all the lists products that says it’s cruelty free and ok to use , can I be sure it’s 100% vegan too ? Or is this website only about cruelty free, just need to know.

  • Karen Duquette says:

    Thank you for this list. I posted on my personal & business account

  • Candise Lachance says:


  • Monique St Pierre says:

    Thank you

  • Vesna says:

    Hello can you also say something about food complements e.g. Glucosamine or Bromelain and testing on animals? Thank you!

  • Jenna says:

    Thank you for all this information it’s good to know and I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you have done to provide all these details.

  • Gwen Maginity says:

    Thank you for the correct information. It is very helpful. I look forward to the time when there is no testing on animals. If they have the same formula for these products why do they need to keep testing? We need to revamp and update the laws. They can make skin in a laboratory and they can test on that.

  • Liz says:

    Thank you, Cruelty-Free Kitty for helping me to look pretty nice.????
    Here’s a treat for you…
    I guess it was the early 90’s when I bought my first computer. I took a web design class, and made a few friends. My new friend, Elizabeth, was cool, but younger & naive. We had some great chats. On the phone one day, we were discussing my Zerodestruction web page, part of which featured cruelty free make-up links. She asked me what that meant. I told her that was to help people avoid supporting products that test things like lipstick on bunnies. She paused, then said “how do they get the bunnies to hold still to put lipstick on them?”
    Now, I’m picturing a bunny with his head in a vice, while somebody in a white coat puts lipstick on him. Speechless, I just started laughing. Hard.
    I did manage to explain it to her, but I got the serious cold- shoulder treatment after that. Sad, I lost a friend, but at least she’s aware now.
    Thanks for helping bunnies!

  • Kate says:

    Thank you so much! I have been spreading awareness among all of my colleagues, friends and relatives for years now. I wish more people from my country (Kazakhstan) would care about the cruelty free production! Thanks a lot!

  • Sherry says:

    Thank you for this information .

  • Georgette Bonot says:

    Thank you for all the work you put into helping all of us who don’t want our money going to support companies that are harming animals for profit. You have no idea how much this is appreciated!

  • Paula Purviance says:

    Looking for cleaner for luxury vinyl floors

  • Cathy says:

    I can’t thank you enough for all you do. The world is a better place because of you.

  • Kathleen Elentrio says:

    Thanks for freedom from cruelity means alot !! K.E.

  • Sioux says:

    Post petitions on social media so we can stop animal torture now!!

  • Sioux says:

    I’m excited to get my cruelty-free list. It would be great if we could convince Amazon to only sell cruelty-free

    This is the time to pressure stores and large companies to be boycotting all companies who test on animals or are located in China where animal treatment is vile.

    Please take this seriously. Start a petition, start a boycott. People are ready to listen now.

  • Kajal says:

    Very easy to follow post. I am planning to start my own blog and instagram page. Besides thank you for putting in the work for cruelty free products. I started searching for cruelty products and its been 2 years almost since I first bought a cruelty free product. Today I feel happy to have replaced 90% of skin care and cosmetics products I buy and use with cruelty-free and preferably vegan brands.
    Once again, Thank you for standing up to a better cause❤

  • Rhonda Ladson says:

    I appreciate all your hard work researching cruelty free products. I am disgusted with this still going on and why companies still allow this. It breaks my heart. I’m also upset with myself for the products I have been using, not even thinking about if they are cruelty free. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Tracy Dorf says:

    Thanks for your concern, work…. and everything else concerning cruelty free kitty.

  • Barbara says:

    I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and would like to see more overt information about cruelty-free dental products.
    I am also a member of the Beagle Freedom Project.
    I am well aware of the immoral and unnecessary cruelty done to beagle dogs.
    You have to get your message out there.
    I tell my patients about why I do not recommend certain products due to them being experimented on animals. There are humane alternatives to testing. Let us begin to behave civilized. I am a godmother to a beagle dog who (notice I did not use the word that) is my one and only.

  • I have a wonderful and loving rabbit that
    helped me through breast cancer and a
    double mastectomy. I can’t imagine putting
    him through the pain of product testing. The
    thought makes me cry with shame that as
    human beings we would do this to an innocent
    creature. We can put a man on the moon can’t
    we find another way to test our products?

    • Karina Ramírez says:

      Que hermoso testimonio, amo los animales. Hoy tenemos un conejito hermoso que tiene 8 años con nosotros. Hace 4 meses le detectaron un tumor en su patita.???? mismo que fue extirpado, pero salió metástasis y seguimos en el afán de salvarlo. ???? son maravillosas las mascotas, son parte de la familia.

  • Jan Purcell Purcell says:

    I am trying to stick to cruelty free products, I know Innoxa and Yardley are cruelty free, I hate the though of these poor animals being used to test products on them, it is cruel, and there is no excuse for such cruelty. regards Jan Purcell

  • Maytha says:

    I don’t want makeup if that will heart the animals

  • Pamela Lynn Fernandes says:

    Thank you so much!! After investigating I was saddened , angry and I appreciated all your hard work. I’m slso a lover of all animals…all mother nature’s gifts to us. ????⚘

  • Brynn says:

    I’m really happy there is a site that does this

  • Jordana says:

    Hi guys, I’ve been cruelty free for almost a year now and I owe a lot of that to you and your help! Your lists are so easy and every time I have a question I come straight here. I’ve gotten a couple of my friends to start a cruelty free journey and I always refer them here. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re making a huge difference and helping us to make a difference too. Lots of love, Jordana x

  • I hope to stop animal testing !

  • alexis ruiz says:

    end animal cruelty! save the animals! go vegan!

  • Amanda says:

    End animal cruelty.

  • Naomi says:

    I’m glad that there’s a guide provided with all the cruelty-free brands, animas should NOT be tested on it honestly disgusts me.

  • Güləmbər says:

    thank you ♡

  • Marlyn says:

    Correre la voz como puede sufrir un animal inocente a causa de mayores ganancias?

  • Me parece tan tonto que utilizan animalitos tan indefensos para la belleza humana, venimos a el mundo como visitantes los animales son los verdaderos dueños pero la sociedad es tan incrédula que no se da cuenta o tal vez si pero por maldad lo hacen, pues destruyen el mundo. “COSA QUE TOCA EL SER HUMANO, COSA QUE SE DESTRUYE” #SALVEMOSARALPH.

  • Agostina says:

    Hola me gustaría saber cuáles son los productos que testean en animales y los que no testean

  • Angel Moreno says:

    Me gusto la pagina

  • Angelina says:


  • Jenifer says:

    Evitemos este tipo de crueldad a estos animalitos indefensos……..BASTA YA!!!!!

  • Ethem says:

    Üzülme karşıyımdır ben.

  • alondra says:

    I would like the list of the products

  • Ratsaneeporn supiraithorn says:

    Stop experimenting with all kinds of animals.

  • ays limuco says:

    im sorry for what we’ve done , this will help me to know what are brands that cruelty free thankyou

  • Jiratchaya​ Dokmai says:

    I think in an era when there’s so much technology, it’s not necessary to experiment with animals.

  • Muy buena lista para seleccionar los productos más apropiados para nuestro estilo de vida.

  • Tetiana says:


  • Allison says:

    we should stop animal cruelty..and test things on something different,they don’t deserve this.

  • Gheorghina says:

    We should not test the products on animals, the world has become so cruel already and this does not help with anything but it just makes it worse, we are supposed to be people who loves and takes care of the planet, not to destroy and hurt the little and innocent lives. A human is suppoesed to act like one, then why are we like this….?

  • Samantha bashaw says:

    Help save the animals.

  • nora says:

    i’m glad to finally see sites worth something

  • İrem says:

    Sizin siteniz sayesinde artık hayvanlar üzerinde test yapılmamış makyaj ürünleri kullanacağım

  • Andrés Calderón says:

    Gracias por ese apoyo apoyar tanto a lo animales sigan así y nosotros seguiremos dando nuestro apoyo !!

  • Rocío Paz says:

    Thanks flor all

  • Türkan says:


  • elisa says:

    i’m from italy and i think that everyone should go on this website because it opens your mind. I’ve watched the video and after that i will choose better the product i buy and i wish that everyone do the same

  • elisa says:

    i’m from italy and i think that is the most beautiful and significative web-site!! i support all of it says, i think that everyone should watch the video because it will change your mind. i will choose more better the product i will buy

  • Samadhi Herrejon Rodriguez says:

    We have to stop animal cruelty!

  • Anto says:

    It’s necessary to change this cruel technics. Thanks for the list !!

  • Veronica says:

    Time for a real change!

  • Jessica says:


  • Daisy says:

    Im sad for all that Poot animals please stop!!!

  • Kamila Moreno says:

    Quiero saber que marcas están libre de crueldad animal

  • Laura says:

    Para un mundo sin crueldad animal.

  • Jud Esgo says:

    I love this! Perfect guide to look for my beauty brands

  • María Fernanda says:

    Thanks for Doing this!
    Ayudemos a los animales!!!????????????????????????

  • Mariangela Alfieri says:

    Love from Italy! this site is the Bible of beauty products ❤️

  • natasha custis says:

    Love xx

  • Jessica Sullivan says:

    Love the new website…thank you for staying on top of this difficult to track issue!!

  • D Norton says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. Keep pressing on.

  • Grace says:

    Thank you so much for all that you do to help us keep informed!
    God bless!

  • Agnes Sztojka says:

    Hi there ????
    I very much appreciate the website, cause even if its standard in Europe, but I don’t like to but products if one of the cruelty free icon isn’t on yhe packaging. An app would be great for android & smartphones too.

  • Barb Haas says:

    I just posted on Facebook about you. I hope I did it right. I really admire your movement

  • Jacqueline Molloy says:

    This has become my beauty bible.
    Unfortunate peta don’t update their website as they still say wet&wide is cruelty free. So its very hard to find the relevant truth. I used to buy bare minerals but I never knew it was owned by shisiedo. I wish I knew sooner!. Thankyou so so so much.

  • Allison Costine says:

    Hello! Does anyone know if Beauty Protector or A Perfect Day brands are cruelty free? Thanks in advance!

    • CFK Team says:

      Hi Allison, thanks for bringing that to our attention. We will look into it! Thanks for being cruelty-free.

  • Kimberly Stuckert says:

    Thank you so much for this! So informative & easy to understand. Love the updates as well. Followed you on Insta & Facebook:)

  • Mel says:

    I’ll not buy any Maybelline products period. I love animals God created them for us but not to hurt or kill for one of the seven deadly sins is Greed.

    • Linda Martin says:

      Oh dear, during lockdown I have become a YouTube followed of too expensive to buy fragrances. So I have bought loads of samples. I am now going to be reviewing my selections with your help.

  • Zohreh says:

    I want to search about perfume that don’t have test

  • Dawn says:

    Can anyone tell me if purebiology skincare is cruelty free?

  • Ximena Farias says:

    Thank you Suzana for doing this ti help us to protect animals.?

  • Jensen says:

    I see alot of makeup that us against animal cruelty and I’m all for that as well but what about these children.
    Does anyone know what kind of make ul brands I can start using to avoid MICA that children in india have been having to dig out of minds. It seems like all brands use it. Is there any out there that anyone knows about.
    Please help!!

  • Lindsay says:

    Why do these pages no longer display the lists of companies who are or who are not cruelty-free? This booked mark site is what I use as a reference in store while shopping. Now it only prompts me to give up my email address, then shows all the comments. There is no content, at least on mobile. I also requested the desktop site and still can’t see a visible list. Why put an extra barrier up for people trying to go cruelty-free?

    • Suzana Rose says:

      Hi Lindsay, sorry about all the trouble! We had issues with the website, and the content wasn’t displaying although it should have been there as usual. Hopefully it’s fixed now.

  • Lele says:

    Thanks a lot but unfortunately the ads on your page covered up some of the info. I couldn’t remove them. I have no idea what some of the shampoos were. I know everyone needs ads to survive unfortunately. I just wish they were better placed

  • Nori says:

    Is simply naked beauty cruelty free? They say so but when I received my package no leaping rabbit certification logo, nor any other logo.

  • China says:

    Tnx for the info! Wish a could do some much more for animals! Im a mkp artist and its so hard to find real cruelty free brands!
    Greetings from Argentina

  • Estefani says:

    Disculpa leo ahora y escribió cualqueir cosa.. en realidad era la marca wet and wild y la de physician formula?? Gracias

  • Estefani says:

    Hola qué tal?? Quería saber si la marca wet and wild está libre de crueldad, ya que se dice que hace años lo es.. y también de physicians formula.. gracias

  • ultra says:

    this website has great potential with me and my associated life

  • Karen Wray says:

    This was L’Oreal’s response… I am interested in feedback regarding their stance “By being present in China, L’Oréal can enable the regulation to evolve. L’Oréal is the most active company working with the Chinese authorities towards a total elimination of animal testing. As a result, the vast majority of products we sell in China are no longer tested on animals.”

  • Kathy larwa says:

    I am startled at the high end products I use are not cruelty free. Need to rethink this. Thanks for the info!

  • Ileana says:

    Thank you for this!!

  • Kathie Quinn says:

    Looking for skin care for the mature women for wrinkles, thinning sking, folds, etc
    Any suggestions?

  • courtenay Tarr says:

    Heard the BS as a radio add Loreal claims to be cruelty free for 30 years, because we’re all so f***ing stupid to not be able to remember back that far, in the days of picketing Boots(torture beagles) stores until the gave in.

  • Judy Nagorski says:

    I thank you so much for your investigation. I was one who was pushing for you to include WnW on your list and now they have made me ashamed. As soon as they realized even the possibility of testing by China they should have pulled out. It is bad enough that we have someone in the WH who thinks nothing of dealing with bloodthirsty dictators rather than our allies and lies constantly. I am thankful he doesn’t have a pet bc Spirit only knows what the innocent would be subjected to! It seems the upper 1% feels greed and selfishness absolves them of everything else!
    Thank you again.
    Until I receive word from you I will NEVER use WnW again! And will pass the word on to my friends.

  • Riss Neimark says:

    i just came across your website and was wondering if there are any drug store brands of lipsticks and eye shadows that are lead free. Thanks.

  • Hi The brand Tatcha claims they are 100% cruelty free, but there is no indication on their packaging. Is it possible to find out if indeed they are?

  • Toni Howard says:

    Thanks for this great information!

  • maraim says:

    i was wondering at i korres is cruelty-free

  • Resa Hill says:

    Hi, thank you so much for all your hard work to make it easier for us to shop with a clear conscience.
    I have been trying to find soap bars that are both cruelty and palm oil free, which I have managed, but a lot of them have olive oil in….which is fine, but I would like to know if the olive oil used is harvested by hand or mechanically.
    Is there a way to find out please?

  • Amy Nonnenmacher says:

    You are so wonderful ! Thank you so much for creating this site! I absolutely love your logo too! It would make an awesome tattoo! Thank you for everything you do to help animals!❤️

  • Julie says:

    I’m confused by an advert on smooth radio , where L’Oréal confirm non of their products are tested on animals, I’m wondering if the advertising standards authority can get this removed if it’s a lie , it’s fronted by Katie piper who’s an advocate for cruelty free !,, Very misleading.

  • Julie says:

    I love EL products,but stopped using them and will not buy them again until they are Cruelty free. There are a lot of good brands I have been finding that are cruelty free!

  • Kathryn says:

    Can we all PLEASE NOT TORTURE ANIMALS for make-up and hair products!!! Just make a stand like me & say NO to products that test on animals!!!

  • Kathryn says:

    Thank you sooo much for the list!!

  • sandy knutsen says:

    Thank you for your dedication to your site and your committment to keep updated on all cruelty-free products. This is very important to me as a consumer and you help make it easier!

  • kendra madden says:

    could i receive pamphlets or lists on cruelty free products in my regular mail??? i like to carry one myself, and others seem anxious to take one, too. thank you.

  • Donna Cook says:

    Thank you for passing on this great news Suzana! I refer to Cruelty-Free Kitty when I’m shopping for personal care items, from make-up to shampoo and think it’s a terrific resource. Unfortunately, it takes persistance and time to affect these changes in animal testing, but I’m committed to staying on top of making different choices in purchasing items as well as signing legislation that will prohibit animal testing. I’ve gone down the aisle at the grocery store, taking photos of products that don’t test on animals as well as their counterparts that do test. I’ve printed these pictures and included them in a letter to those companies still testing and letting them know that I DID NOT buy their product. Instead, I chose the one that didn’t test on animals. Hitting them in their pocketbook seems the only thing that gets through to the companies. Keep up the good work Suzana. We are listening . . . .

    Donna Cook
    Author of Tales of The West Wind
    on Amazon.com

  • Susana says:

    This kind of news are always GOOD news…!!! …I know the road is long… But it’s a VERY BIG step… Until ALL the cages are empty…!!!

  • GINA M SOTELO says:

    Great!!! Let’s keep moving faward. And make this world a kinder and better place!! For everyone, eventhing and every place.

  • kendra madden says:

    i have become closer and closer to vegan every day. it started with food, and now my personal products are, too. i was devastated about wet and wild, as i was the “local” spokeswoman for them. i talked total strangers into buying w&w. i preached, i advised, and that was the only cosmetic i bought. if, of course, had to buy something they didn’t provide, it also had to be cruelty free.

  • Deborah Denaro says:

    A great step in the right direction. No animal should be tortured, maimed or even killed for us humans to look beautiful !

  • Bagi says:

    It’s really helpful to choose Cruelty free products

  • Bagi says:

    This is really helpful for everyone to choose cruelty free products

  • Mhaydel says:

    how would i know if a brand that is not in your list is cruelty free or not? thank u

  • Sam McAlpin says:

    Can I just ask, as I too am against animal testing, I have recently started using hair gel again.
    From what I have read about Wella on their policy, they adhere to the laws country to country and for some stupid reason animal testing is mandatory in China.
    Can anyone here confirm if they only test in China, and whether or not they don’t in the UK and other countries, please??

  • Gail says:

    I am transitioning to all cruelty-free products in my home and life. A comprehensive list would be helpful for shopping and restocking. Thank you!

  • Ros says:

    Thanks for the list. Much appreciated.

  • JOyce says:

    I purchased E.L.F. Cosmetics and on the bottom of the bottle it says it is produced in China. I thought all cosmetics produced in China are required to be tested on animals. Am I wrong?

  • Lilly says:

    It’s my 10 years as vegetarian anniversary.

    Going vegan when i'm 18.

  • Carle Winnie says:

    Love this list! Although it needs updated. Covergirl is now cruelty free and Wet n Wild isn’t. ): when will the world change???

  • Angie says:

    Hi! I came across a brand called tenoverten at Target. Do you know if they are actually cruelty free? Thanks so much!!

  • Laura says:

    I really don’t ware makeup, but when I do it’s only cover girl… so happy i made the right choice over 20 years ago and I don’t have to throw out my makeup bag.

  • Nancy says:

    Pacifica Mascara that is water resistant is great but difficult to get off. Any ideas? Also I love Bare Minerals which is pricey but cruelty free.

  • Cassandra says:

    Covergirl is made by Proctor & Gamble and also is the same vendor as Max Factor. Is there any info on Vegan or Cruelty Free from there company standpoint?

    I still dont know if I would trust it.

  • Victoria Rankin says:

    Thanks so much for this information. I was just using my Wet N Wild mascara today not really liking it anymore. Then I read your discovery of them allowing animal testing!! No longer will I buy their products. Cruelty free is all that matters.

  • sheri debold says:

    I would like to post a list of cruelty free business on my Facebook page

  • Neiya says:

    Great site, it helped me save my dignity by not choosing products that are made by killing animals..

  • Amy Flejzor says:

    I’m confused about SCENTSY…
    There site says they are cruelty free but they buy ingredients from companies that *might* test on animals.

    Researching this company has been confusing!

    Help! I keep getting invited to scentcy parties…..they have body care and cleaning products as well as scented wax

  • nikki says:

    Thank you so much for your research Suzana Rose. It’s made the hunt for my next perfume much easier!

  • Pearl Pine says:

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while; thank you SO MUCH for this life-saving list! May I recommend Saint? It’s from Toronto, Leaping Bunny Certified, and awesome! You can get it at Goodness me. I promise I don’t work for them, but I do have mild rosacea and found their stuff amazing. It doesn’t make my skin react!

    Thanks for all the work you do, it’s appreciated!

  • Gemma González says:

    Could someone suggest me a brand of skin care products

  • Cryssy says:

    I believe L’Oréal bought The Body Shop. is this correct.. and does this mean animal testing Body Shop.? As they profess they do not..?

  • Larri Sideris says:

    What the hell is shoegaze music?
    Do totally respect her for her dedication to non-animal testing however!

  • Daphne Hesnard says:

    Hello van I have the list of your vegan products please, thnak you!

  • Dahlia says:

    Thank you for making it easy to find vegan products !

  • Lillian says:

    I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I have moved to all my beauty products being cruelty free everything from hand wash to makeup and even my hair dye.

    I’m in Australia and came across Origani beauty which is vegan and cruelty free. Then I went into my trusted and loved local Body Shop and the lady mentioned the different bunny logos and I couldn’t find any info on Origani it says it’s CF but can’t find any more info. ?‍♀️

  • LYNDY HAZELL says:

    Thank you for the information, and I’m disgusted with Bastiste! I’ll stop buying their dry hair shy today!!

  • Carolyn-Home/Work says:

    Go Girl You Rock ❤️❤️❤️?

  • Carolyn-Home/Work says:

    Suzana you are a breath of fresh air. If there were a way to stop this Cruelty as a Global ban that would be a dream come true ❤️You Go Gf!!!

  • Letha Rasmussen says:

    Thank you for your animal compassion. Many species suffer and are subsequently put to death from this unnecessary cruelty. Boycott China!

  • Daniella says:

    Great site! Thanks from Europe!

  • Beryl Puddifer says:

    I’ve sent my email five times and not received my list. I just keep being asked to confirm and send it again.

    Is there anything else I can do to receive the list?

  • vincent kiwanuka says:

    its real unfair to test products of human beings on innocent animals and i condemn that action.

  • Kelly says:

    Hi, I have tried to get your 10 page guide via the instructions on your site and it’s not sending it to me even when I confirm my subscription.. x

  • Donna Cermak says:

    You are amazing for what you do. thank you so much for helping all of us to make sure that Beauty involves no cruelty

  • clare jillian says:

    I absolutely love and appreciate what you do so that I don’t have to read all the ingredients and guess at everything .thank you

  • Angelica Breckenridge says:

    Hello everyone my name is Anjelica I have been vegetarian for most of my life meaning I was still eating chicken and fish which I stopped in the mid 2000’s. I’m strictly vegetables & fruit. Anyway I am so glad that I found out about what makeup companies are still using animals and that’s not cool. I actually have some of those products laying around and they are going to be packed up and ready to be placed on the streets. If there is anything more I need to know like what hair products cleaning products perfume etc that test on animals please let me know where I can find them. Saving animals is so important to me and I don’t want to give my hard earned money to the companies that are still using animals thanks again for the list

  • sharona says:

    just cancelled my MAC order good job I saw this first ; )

  • clare jillian says:

    Thank you so much for helping to make this easy I’m redoing my whole skin care and beauty regime to suit cruelty free and vegetarian. I’m very thankful for this site

  • Roxanna Luciano says:

    Is their anyway you guys can email us the list so we can carry it around when we go on a makeup haul

  • Connie says:

    Thank you, Suzana, for doing this work for all of us!

  • Teresa Kratzman says:

    Thank you so much for all your work…all this information. I am a vegetarian…an Animal lover and I appreciate being connected with people like me that are aware and active with making a difference in the the lives and well being of Animals.

  • Cinnamon says:

    Function of Beauty is cruelty free. Completely customizable shampoo and conditioner. They are amazing and cater to all different hair types. They even have a purple shampoo. I cannot say more great things about Function of Beauty!

  • Teena says:

    Specific advice needed please does L’Oreal rest on animals ? Than you

  • Lynette says:

    Is young living brand, Savvy minerals makeup really cruelty free? They say they are but not peta cert and no leaping buny

  • Jeana says:

    Thank you for making me more aware of whats really going on in our world. But more so thamks for providing me the knowledge to make a difference! Im a full supporter of cruelty free products and your website and what your accomplishing. Im with you 100%!

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for your lists! I refer to them every time I make a purchase. I appreciate you!!

  • Veronica says:

    I’ll check my email for the eyeliner & mascara info. But good to know cover girl is free of animal testing now ?

  • Veronica says:

    I only use three make ups. 1 cover girl cover up liquid. 2. Clinique black water proof mascara & 3. Stila water proof stay all day liquid eyeliner. Can anyone help me find animal friendly products like these that you k ow of. It’ll help me when ordering n cut time.

  • Giorgia says:

    Good morning all! ☺️
    What about these two brands?
    I bought products from Dr.Konopka’s and Natura Siberica, after found in the net that they are cruelty-free brands.
    Both of them have the Cosmos Natural certification which indicates (among other things) they don’t test on animals, but I couldn’t find them in the list I downloaded.
    Could you please confirm me they are really ok?
    Thank in advance.

  • Ina says:

    I live in South Africa. Many brands you list are unfortunately not available here and amazon I am not even sure is available. Are there any cruelty free brands available here.
    I am also really interested in fair trade/ ethical garments.
    Thank you.

  • Tamanna says:

    Is orginis cruelty free??

  • Adrienne willians says:

    Anyone have an idea about Cartier. I used to wear Must de cartier but I have no idea if it’s suitable for vegans or who owns them

  • Nancy says:

    I am throwing all my Maybelline,, L’Oréal, Revlon away. You have truly enlightened me. Companies I thought didn’t test, do! I assumed Rimmel was because they are English. China, shame on you. I was a Veterinary Technician for 20 years. I love animals and there is no reason to torture them just so people can “look good” and make gobs of money. I’m furious. Thanks for letting me vent. Felt good.

  • Kathleen says:

    Thanks for this important information and all the hard work that went into gathering it ?.

  • Lorna Tritton says:

    This is brilliant. I used to have a list from an organisation called ‘Uncaged’. Am so glad that someone has brought this info up to spec as I often wonder in the back of my mind, whilst I’m buying, if a particular company tests on animals. 5 stars Suzana!!

  • Media says:

    How selfish they are they are totally blind animals are alive they feel they see.popular companies use animals for their stupid products!u guys should abandon this !!!! This world is such a dismal place :///

  • Maria says:

    Hi! Candles that are cruelty-free? Thank you!

  • Carole says:

    Merci!from france?

  • Alessandra says:

    Think about it when you give your money ?

  • jacqueline says:

    can i buy cruelty free masscara..please .and where ..i live in dublin … thank you ..

  • Lisa Pilgrim says:

    I’m so disappointed in It cosmetics. I absolutely loved these products and one of the reasons I stayed with this line was because it was Cf. I have read a lot of their product are now produced in China. I agree we need to show these companies by shifting our demand to CF products. That’s the only way to get their attention is by hitting them where it hurts. It really is a shame because these were excellent products. Jamie what were you thinking??? Shame on IT for selling out on not just your company but your ethics as well.

  • Paul says:

    Hi, I am UK based and looking for the best certified cruelty free fragrance brands, can anybody help please? I was alarmed to find out my favourite designer brands test on animals. Pretty much all the big brands do! Please help me 🙂 Thanks so much. Paul

  • Margaret says:

    Wow I have been out witted I was told years ago they do not test on animals I use their product guess now I will be looking else where very dissatisfied and disappointed consumer here 🙁
    I love animals had dogs all my life test on something else…..animals have feelings also dam very sad here!!!! Thanks for all ur info!!!

  • Gosia says:

    Is Pacifica only one company for Perfumes and Body Mist that is cruelty free and vegan ? I want to try also different ones any recommendations ? Thank you !!

  • Manon Roberts says:

    Any suggestions about cruelty free cosmetics avaiable to buy in duty free? off to Birmingham airport on Saturday.

  • Roberta says:

    Thank you for this list. I’m doing my best to stay cruelty free on all my products. Thank you.

  • Sofia says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you could add Lumene to the list. They are cruelty free since it’s banned in Finland and I would love to see my countries brand here ❤

  • Marilyn Hernandez says:

    No animal should be tortured or killed to test products. Animal abuse is criminal and must be banned globally. The cruelty must STOP. Animals are not property, they feel fear and pain just like humans. They are not for anyone to harm; they are precious and are to be cared for, not to torture and be left to suffer or killed when some company does not wish to torture them any longer; lt is animal abuse which is a felony. God bless these poor little souls.

  • Linda says:

    Thank you!!❤️

  • Ivan says:

    For those of you wanting meds free from animal testing – you may not be able to find any. However, you can induce change in the industry. I suggest the following article:

  • Tammy Liedel says:

    Please, please, please, we all need to convince the CEO of Marykay to pull out of China!!!!! I sent an email today.

  • Kathie Quinn says:

    What about cover girls prodays with oil of Olay? I didn’t see them in the list

  • Kathie Quinn says:

    Can you recommend a cruelty free line for mature skin?

  • Yvonne says:

    This will be my new guide for buying cosmetics.


    Is the brand Bearpaws boots cruelty free someone told me this wanted to find out if it’s true!

  • Wendy J says:

    I just recently heard that Covergirl went cruelty free… Is this true?

  • Lauren says:

    I just found your site! I went from never hearing of you to Completely OBSESSED! Thank you for being so thorough in your research and educating us! Xoxo

  • Faby says:

    Hello, I was wondering if the Skincare company Ella Freda Organics is cruelty free and/or vegan. 🙂

  • Abby says:

    Is erborian cruelty free?

  • Abby says:

    Does anyone know is erborian is cruelty free?

  • Kayleigh Green says:

    I am looking to Change my make up and skin care products. I would like to know if products such as no7 is suitable. Thanks

  • LiLi says:

    Thank you for your time, efforts and dedication…

  • LiLi says:

    Thank you for your efforts and highly informative site..

  • Sherry says:

    Thank you

  • Thea says:

    Thanks for the list love you ?

  • suzanne o'meara says:

    is ORAL B & GUM brands cruelty free – the dental floss , all or some – ;& toothbrushes ?

  • Ellen Schofield says:

    Hi Suzanna,
    Thank you for this information! Thank you for all that you do so that we can have the latest CF news and can shop humanely.

    I have decided to wait until Coty goes CF before buying Cover Girl.


  • Carol says:

    It’s about time and other companies should follow! The problem is China and who needs China?? Enough testing on these animals. I have been checking around and they all say no animal testing but they don’t tell you these foreign countries make these vjdmetuc companies test on animals before they can sell over there! I used cover girl years ago but stopped! Found out they did testing in China and completely stopped using their products since then. Have been ordering from a company on line that is cruelty free and chemical free! I might start using cover girl for a few things if I run out now that I know this new info.
    Great news!!

  • Tori says:

    Do you know if Eleven Australia is cruelty free? They advertise as such.

  • Antonieta Minatel says:

    Thank you for the information!
    I’m here a Vegan and only buy Cruelty Free products! So it’s hard to know what’s Cruelty Free and what’s not! Your list will help me a lot!
    Thanks ? again!

  • Marwa says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for all the precious information. I was wondering why Fenty Beauty was not on the list of cruelty free brands, as it is cruelty free according to the official site’s FAQ’s.

  • jennia josianne says:

    Bioland brand is considered cruelty free? The brand says behind the packages they are cruelty free

  • Rhonda Rutledge says:

    So I am late in this battle but certainly better late than never, at least until the planet totally self destructs. In any event I was just wanting to thank you for the information and here I am in the midst of all you vegans who deserve to be thanked for the continued efforts in helping out everyone else including those who might not appreciate it and apparently don’t understand what the bigger picture is. And I will be returning back to the website, the information is priceless!!

  • Anna says:

    Forever living products are a very ethical company

  • Belinda says:

    Thankyou for making me aware x

  • Viv says:

    Why are all these products top end and so expensive? I am not a rich person. Nor do I have funds to pay for items that are this costly. I guess I will have to go back to the old ways before the days of false advertising came into play.

  • Jamie says:

    I don’t see Bath and Body Works on the cruelty free list and every time I ask them they say they don’t test on animals. Are you saying they do??

  • Alisha says:

    I’m confused about the products that are sold in China. If a product is sold in China it has to be tested on animals, so does that mean if I buy the same product here in the US was it tested on animals too?

  • Deanna sofia says:

    I wanted to add Limelife by Alcone which is Leaping Bunny Certified

  • Deanna sofia says:

    Hello! I wanted to add Limelife by Alcone which is Leaping Bunny Certified!

  • Nikki says:

    Thankyou Suzana for all your wonderful efforts in bringing your findings to the people and hopefully leads to a total cruelty free world on all levels.
    Many blessings sweetheart.

  • Teresa says:

    Thank you for everything you put into this. I tell everyone I know about being cruelty free products and have been directing ppl to your site. keep it up girl!! xoxo

  • Justine says:

    Hi all
    It’s great to see so many people changing attitudes towards the cruelty free products. Like a lot of you i have strived to go totally cruelty free within the home and skin care, make up etc!! It has taken around 12 months to achieve this. However I still get confused with the mixed feedback and information given out on certain products. I have now sent for the guide which kitty offers so thank you! Good luck everyone on your quest for cruelty free!

  • Maryanne Orloff says:

    I hope I can find some of these products in my area.

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks for all that you do : )

  • Renata says:

    I started to be interested in cruely free question few days ago. Many thanks for this list!

  • Verona says:

    How is Urban Decay considered Cruelty Free and Vegan when they are owned by L’oreal ???

  • Claire says:

    Great site, thanks for the information, I do go for products that aren’t tested on animals in all parts of my life, I use all my cleaning products from astonish, which state they don’t test on animals on the label so I hope that’s on the list or I will feel awful as I’m a massive animal lover, I’ve got 5 cats now, but had 41 over the last 24yrs and they have all been pets too, my babies lol x anyway sorry for babbling on, thanks for your great site ??? xx

  • Susanna Stokes says:

    Hi Susana(lovely name?)
    I am also like many others new to Vegan. I have been Vegatatian all my life and adore animals. I would do anything to stop Animsl cruelty
    Suzanna do you know if any prescription drugs have been tested on animals?
    I take Shortech and longtech , which used to be a Company called OxyContin.
    And lastly Folic Acid.
    I have written to these Companies, however no reply!!
    Can you throw any info on the above?

    Love all the info you are sharing. You must be a wonderful person.
    Susanna xxx

  • Tina says:

    Thank you for all of the work you do.

    Was using Natural Balance Vegan thinking I was doing a good thing now find out they test on animals… really mad!

    Will try a few on your cruelty free list for the new pup.

  • Makenna says:

    I have entered my email 3 times and I haven’t received an email. 🙁

  • Sam Abas says:

    Was wondering if W7 cosmetics (which does a lot of duped of famous products eg benefit, ABH) is cruelty free? They recently released a vegan line which is cool, and officially they say that they do not test their products on animals however I also read somewhere else that they do sell in China. Not sure how true this is. W7 is currently not on your list (unless I missed it which is entirely possible)
    Please are you able to clarify?
    Love your work, since finding your website I’ve gone 100% cruelty free and you’ve been so instrumental in making that happen!
    Thank you so much

  • Shelby says:

    Hi! I am looking for a cruelty free baby oil. Can anyone help?

  • David says:

    Thanks for this great work. I wonder if there are any people interested in airport cosmetic sales areas that we are forced to walk through (at Heathrow, for example)? I always ask if there are cruelty free brands, but no one seems to know of any.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Yvonne says:

    Damn Iams they have been getting away with evil barbaric tests for years now, monsters!!! I hope all these people that perform these tests on any animal suffer a long slow painful death!!!

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve signed up for the list three times, and haven’t gotten a confirmation email yet. Is there anything else I need to do?

  • Mari says:

    ? Just wanted to say HUGE THANK YOU for your amazing, and so informative and beautiful blog ❤️ LOVE it ?!!

  • Molly Nemec says:

    I can’t find anything on the company “Skinceuticals”. Does anyone know if they test on animals, sell in China or are vegan?

  • LeeAnne says:

    I am in the process of going cruelty free and this site is so helpful! Thank you 🙂

  • Alison says:

    Hi..I cannot find Nioxin Hair products on the list at all.. does anyone know if they test on animals? thank you!

  • Ally Davies says:

    Can anyone tell me if products by gum hair are cruelty free.
    I’ve noticed that their products are manufactured in the UK, and they don’t seem to have any links outside the UK, I’ve tried emailing them, but I’ve had no response.
    Here’s the email address if anyone is interested

  • Linda says:

    Thank you for this very important list. I will make updated copies of my list and bring that with me when I go shopping for beauty products.

  • Lisa Talbot says:

    I’m a vegan and am making my own skin care products as I’m a qualified Aromatherapist. Whilst it is easy to buy vegan ingredients, this does not mean that they have not been tested on animals. I am finding it extremely difficult to buy these ingredients and am falling out with companies who claim that their products are cruelty free, but when I look at the safety data sheets find that the ingredients have been tested as recently as August 2017!!
    Help really appreciated!! Lisa

  • Emma says:

    I just LOVE this website! You’ve helped me so much finding new brands and keeping away from those who are cruel.
    I’d like to add that Sanctuary Spa, is cruelty-free! also Jeffrey star is both cruelty-free and VEGAN, couldn’t find it on your list! Gr8 day ! <3

  • Stephanie Levy says:

    I noticed Ahava is no longer on this list? Do they test on animals now? Also I am trying to change all of my products to ones that aren’t tested on animals but I am having issues. I need a really thick, unscented lotion. I currently use Keri Lotion and I have been for years. Do you have any suggestions for what I could switch to?

    Thank You.

  • Sue says:

    Hi there. I just wondered if the brands you include as cruelty-free make the cut simply because they’re not tested on animals or if you also check the ingredient lists for animal products? Thanks! 🙂

  • Becky B says:

    I’ve been using cruelty free make-up and hair products for about 4 years now and I’m hoping to become a bigger supporter of the end to animal testing, this website is one of my new favorites for helping me accomplish this.

  • Lauren says:

    Love your site. The info is great and very well written. I do try to pay attention when buying my make up but sometimes I assume and I was shocked to see some of my choices are not cruelty-free.

    I am trying to buy less expensive make up and make sure everything is still truly cruelty free……Do you have any recommendations for an eye lash primer. I normal use Dior and then went to L’Oreal but, both a bad. HELP please !! Thank you

  • Megan says:

    You have such a cool website! I recently made my entire bathroom vegan… except for my perfume! So thanks for the wide range of selection and prices. I am disgusted by animal testing and learned a lot from your site!

  • Lynn says:

    Can I ask why Arbonne is not on your list as a cruelty free company as its my belief that they are Vegan and Kosher certified?

  • andrea says:

    So incredibly happy that more and more people are becoming aware of the harsh abuse that is being done to these innocent animals!

  • Diana says:

    Thank you for listing so many cruelty free products, recently I was assured by a salesgirl that a product was cruelty free, it was not listed on your site therefore I didn’t buy it. Checking further when I got home assured me it wasn’t cruelty free. Thank you for being always available.
    I have been a vegetarian for years I just love animals, an added plus is ageing, when someone comments on skin, ” It God’s way of saying “Thank You” witch I truly believe,
    Not to mention the chemicals digested, & growth hormones that fatten up
    the animals & those who eat them!!
    My blessings

  • Dot C says:

    Hi cruelty-free makeup peoples!
    I have a few intersectionalities I require with my foundation search:
    • CF, obvs
    • sustainable ingredients and processes
    • ! for oily acne-prone AND dry wrinkle skin.
    • SPF30 FULL spectrum.
    • !!! a good color match.
    • No volatile color.
    • No fumes after 6 hours.

    I am, as my father calls me “Chicken Fat Yellow”, tan easily but trying to stay outta the sun. My face is currently a bit sun damaged from 30 years ago but my neck is the color I want to match. Yes, I know screen colors are not real colors but I also know a lot of sustainable ingredients are volatile and change over the course of a day. NO pink or orange and I don’t want green tints to balance anything.

    I am currently using Murad acne + anti aging for cleansing system. So far so good though the eye cream burns my eyes so I don’t use it. Most eye creams put off fumes that make my eyes gummy, even after sleeping.
    I have been using Neutrogena Skin Clearing in Nude. It is a good color but it is a bit thin and doesn’t color all the spots and does not have a sunblock. It also puts off fumes that make my eyes burn after about 6 hours (work day).
    I recently bought “it” brand CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream+Anti-Aging Serum+SPF50 in Light. The color is mostly ok but it is a bit greasy. I have to put powder on immediately and it starts to slide a bit. It feels heavy and is not for acne-prone skin.

    Did I mention I want one product, not blushes or bronzers or highlighters? Low maintenance Goth girl. I know. Oxymoron.

    What do you got?

  • sahvanna says:

    Thank you so much!
    I love this website and I rely on it quite a bit before buying products. Thank you so much!!!

  • Rhapic Hazel says:

    Hallo, thanks for all the hard work! I only have two questions: 1-Is really Herbalife brand without cruelty? 2-How about Prolux products? Their have a PETA symbol, but I didn´t saw on the list!
    And last I have a little request about the list that was uploaded on the post about cruelty free brands,rhe picture with the brands that not have PETA or Leaping bunny, could be that pic more large? I can´t read it at all, sorry! And thanks again!

  • Haley says:

    Love this site. I am currently transitioning into becoming a full vegan, this site makes the research a lot easier for a beginner. Thank you!!

    • Aly Laughlin says:

      That’s awesome to hear! Thanks so much Haley! 🙂

      • Roshini Lobo says:

        This site is just amazing and amazing. I am a new makeup artist and I want to go cruelty free and have been browsing from long for right brands and this site helped me so much to find the right products. Can’t thank enough.

  • Tammy says:

    I believe that if you buy a cruelty free cosmetic from a cosmetic company owned by a company known to test on animals you are still supporting and funding it. I absolutely loved IT Cosmetics but stopped purchasing from the company as soon as L’Oreal bought it.

  • lkb says:

    Bless you

  • Mandy says:


    Peta and leaping bunny and CCF. There are 3 trusty organizations in the world for no Animalen testing. Please dont forgett this licensed bunny logo❣️

    Thanx for amazing work for Cruelty-Free ?

  • Laura says:

    I was moving away from “unclean” and animal-tested brands for a year. The fact that EU does not allow testing on animals, does not make it very easy actually. Because it practically allows the mainstream brands from large companies like Unilever to claim that they do not test on animals… ‘unless required by law’. And they do not need to put any appropriate labelling. Do not get me wrong, it is good it is not permitted in EU but it should be global policy. I do not want to buy products from brands that test elsewhere. Sadly, it also means I am waving good bye to REN. I liked it, but I am not giving Unilever a single cent, at least until it clears its act everywhere. Thanks for your great work!

  • Lorena says:

    Oriflame says on their site: “Oriflame was among the first in the industry to reject animal testing. We made this choice when Oriflame was founded in 1967 and we continue to stand firmly behind this principle.

    Oriflame does not conduct or request animal testing to substantiate the safety or efficacy of any of its products or ingredients at any stage of the product development process.”

    So… they are testing on animals although they say that they don’t…?
    I’m a little worried because I used to buy some products from them 🙁

  • Kim says:

    I would like to see some of the Canadian companies listed , Ie Origen , Acana etc of course Pets4life raw is a great Canadian company which is cruelty free. This product was developed by a vet tech and nutritionist to be complete and balanced, some raw isn’t. Iron will is another Canadian company which like Pets4life sources only local human grade ingredients. Please remember that not everybody lives in the States.

  • April says:

    Anything good about Peter Thomas Roth? I’ve heard some of his products ARE cruelty-free whereas some aren’t…what’s the truth?

    • Aly Laughlin says:

      Hi April! While I’m not familiar with the cruelty-free status of Peter Thomas Roth right now, I definitely recommend reaching out to them directly to find out! Make sure to ask them about their finished products, ingredients, suppliers, as well as third party testing. Another thing to consider is whether or not they sell in mainland China, where animal testing is mandatory by law. Hope this helps!

  • Stephanie middleton says:

    first of all i love the fact that you have cats on your website=awesome. secondly, thank you so much for doing this!!!!! it is UNBELIEVABLY difficult to find cruelty free products, and you’ve made it significantly easier, and for that i am very grateful. love you, god bless and thanks!!!!!!!! *subscribed +followed!)

  • Darlene Walker says:

    Thank you SO much! Time to get all of these products out of my living space.

  • Clara says:

    Mary Kay really does testing on animals. ???

    • Jen says:

      I was told by the company that they don’t test on animals for sales in the US but for the products they sell in China, China requires testing on animals. So they try to pass it off they are a good company because they don’t test for US sales but testing is testing. Same for Avon.

  • Katie Cornish says:


    Just wondering if anyone has looked into Palmer’s and their statement about being cruelty free? https://uk.palmers.com/content/19-general

    They don’t have any certifications from the Leaping Bunny/PETA etc and couldn’t see them on your list of cruelty free companies or on the list of companies who do test on animals!

    I’m going to email them anyway and see if I can get a further statement as the fact they say they do not test their “products” on animals could mean the ingredients are tested!

    It is so, so, so frustrating this is not clearer for both UK and USA customers. I think brands should be forced to be much clearer and honest about what they do instead of hiding behind the loopholes!! But then, why are there companies still testing on animals in 2017? I don’t know!? China needs to change their laws, and so does everyone else to make it illegal.

    Your site is invaluable to me as it’s the only site I know and trust that has done their proper research, so thank you so much for taking the time and effort into your lists!

    Best wishes,

  • Nastaran says:

    I’m ashamed of eat meat at past years.
    Thank you for all info .

  • Linda Sarangoulis says:

    Thank you…. I always try to shop with my heart…… this list helps.

  • Cass says:

    I just wanted to say that I am amazed but very happy at the same at how many cruelty free makeup brands there are. I think there should definitely be more awareness regarding animal testing. it is wrong and an inhumane thing to do. Animals cannot defend themselves therefore its ok to take advantage of them??? NO ITS NOT. Companies who still test their products on animals really need to stop and think about how cruel it is. There are so many ways to help animals… whether that is going vegeterian or vegan or simply just purchasing cruelty free makeup… every thing you do is a step in the right direction

  • Andrea Gipson says:

    GEMA, Go VEGAN. There is absolutely no reason for DAIRY. It is an easy first step towards VEGANISM. Almond or other plant-based milk is out there and can also be used to replace cow milk in your recipes. Listen to Dr. Michael Klapper’s remarks on video online regarding how unhealthy and unnecessary consuming cow’s milk really is. So happy you are making a change for yourself, the Planet and the Animals.

  • MIRIAM CASE says:

    I would like to know if Dr. Perricone skin products are cruelty free.

  • Cristian Gaz says:

    I’m at cvs trying to get a list of cruelty free tampons. One site says playtex does, another says it does not. Help. Lol

  • Christine says:

    Thanks for the helpful info.Recently saw the effects of the horrific testing on animals. My daughter and I are moving away from all products that do such testing and your site gives us useful alternatives. Keep up the good work!

  • Tami says:

    Just wanted to express my love for this site. I am a makeup artist who only uses cruelty free products. This site has made it so easy to transition my vegan lifestyle into my work life. So thank you so much!!

  • Randa says:

    I have always been a lover of all animals and have recently come to appreciate make up. This site has been most helpful. You did all the research for me. So thank you~

  • Candice says:

    when will this site be updated?

  • vanessa says:

    Hello from Spain. I’m interested in cruelty free makeup since some years ago but sometimes it’s very difficult to find brands which are on peta list. At this momento, I like brands as for example Nabla, Milani, L.A Colors and Wet’n’Wild. On the other hand, I have still makeup from Nars, Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, Essence, Catrice but I don’t want to give them away or throw them away, jus I’m trying to spend them and don’t buy these brands anymore. Any more idees? Thank you!

    • Lea Johnson says:

      Have you tried e.l.f. cosmetics? They are excellent and very affordable. They can easily be found online. They are commited to plant-based, cruelty free products. They’re an exxcellent company that just keeps improving. I have been a customer of e.l.f. for at least 10 years.

  • Nil says:

    I didnt know the fact about “it cosmetics”:( I have read that monster LOREAL had bought the company… thank you very much for the info♥ I always buy cf products…

  • Anna Clarke says:

    superdrug is a great place to start, all of their own brand products are certified cruelty free

  • Guadalupe Inés Tizón says:

    Hi! Anyone knows about Paco Rabanne parfums? And Abercrombie & Fitch?

  • Hi there, Im definitley doing so many things these days CrueltyFree make-up too and still learning but Im eating more Vegetarian(now 3-4 x a week. Its taking more time than I thought for me to quit totally. HERES WHY: Ive always eaten Vegetarian food as my Mothers side is Indian. I Wanna be a Total Vegan but its terribly difficult as I have 2 auto immune disorders ie Coeliac Disease and Morbhus Durhing!! I feel torn as I was told its very complicated already due to me having a GlutenFree and WheatFree permanent diet let alone be a strict Vegan!! Are there many Vegan Coeliacs out there? Im happy to be allergic to Shelled fish so all I can and still eat is fish. I love eggs I still eat that too. Now I place mostly Vegetarian or fish food pics on My Instagram. Thnx Jk

    • Lea Johnson says:

      You might want to have a blood test done that measures your abilty to absorb nutrients. I had one done and my absorbtion is normal. I also have several immune conditions. The main thing everyone needs is Vitamin B12. Not just any type of b!@ either. It must be cyanocobalamin. This B12 is the one in most supplements, but you need to read labels until you have several good sources of this type of B12. Red Star nutritional yeast food product has loads of this B12, plus other nutriens and a high level of protein per tablespoon. I use the shaker it comes in and keep in in th fridge, but handy so I put it one almost everything. Maybe by now you have found other vegans with your health needs. Good luck!

  • whitelion says:

    Hello darling, right now I’m into my transition to all cruelty free/vegan products. I’m worried because I use my hair all beached and I love my white hair. I’ve been dyeing my hair with the Italian brand Alfaparf, I totally love them but as I’m doing my research I’ve found that they are not associated to PETA or anything like that, however, people and many researches say they are in fact cruelty free. Anyone is 100% sure? do you know? I think and hope they are cruelty free but I can’t find anything sure.
    Same for the argentinian brand Plusbelle, looks like many latin brands are not that famous but cruelty free.

  • Mumaus says:

    Hey there. I’m in desperate search for a vegan/cruelty-free conditionner-detangler. My hair is very long, wavy and dry (some grey hair on the roots, which are colored darker than the rest, which is different shades of blonde). I only need to wash it once a week. I have tried several kinds of cruelty-free leave-in conditionners, but I still struggle a lot with tangles after that. What leave-in product can you recommend me? Thank you so much for all your help. Have a good day ladies, and gents of course 😉

    • Diamond says:

      I tried one awhile ago called Original Sprout. I got it from amazon

      • Mumaus says:

        thanks. Is it ok? Because I have very long hair and after it has been washed, the real work starts 😉

    • Beth Boatright says:

      Kevin Murphy products, hands down. They’re expensive (like $30-40 for a bottle of conditioner), but I have kind of troublesome hair and it really seems to work miracles. I get it at my salon, but it’s also available on Amazon.

    • kittybits says:

      Late to your question, but I’ll throw in a recommendation. I have very thick, wavy, turning silver hair (shoulder length) that has always tangled very easily and been painful to de-tangle on my tender scalp. I can only use Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner, which is a leave-in. I put it on towel-dried hair, then can comb through it easily, and it’s the only product I’ve ever found that works for me. In fact, that is the only time I ever use any type of hair styling tool; otherwise, I can “comb” or “brush out” my hair with my fingers – I haven’t used a brush in decades (and I have always gotten a lot of compliments on my hair). Good luck and hope you find a product that will work for you like I have with PM The Conditioner.

    • Veronica says:

      I know this was from a year ago, but Monat has made miracles with my hair, mine was dry and my curls were the worst and thanks to that line my curls are defined and my hair looks healthy.

    • Lea Johnson says:

      Trader Joe’s , whose products are all cruelty free and plant-based, has an inexpensive hair conditioner. In fact, I think they have two. They worked very wellwhen my Haor was very long.

  • Zulakka says:

    Hi Judith i buy all my soaps , shampoos, laundry everything from the Co-Op supermarket they are BUAV registered and i must say there stuff is reasonably priced too and it smells great..:)

  • Hey Sharon, happy new year! For shampoo and conditioner, have you tried Shea Moisture? They’re cruelty-free and available at Ulta.

  • Mackenzie Burgess says:

    Hi all! I am new to the world of seeking out ONLY cruelty free cosmetic/skin/haircare brands. I really enjoy experimenting with indy brands, and would love to find out if anyone knows if a brand by the name of Gerard Cosmetics is cruelty free? it is an up and coming brand, and my research hasnt turned up any answers yet. Also, if you all know of any great up and coming indy brands that are cruelty free, please let me know! Thankyou!

  • Macy Bailey says:

    Thank you for creating this website. I’m working on making a stand for animals and becoming a cruelty free product user. I’m putting aside products that were tested on animals. I think that animal testing could and should be stopped and all companies and brands should make non animal tested products. There are different and equally effective ways to test products that we should get the word out about to help save our furry friends. I’m making the change, you should too. 🙂

  • Sara Sample says:

    I have the Cruelty Cutter app on my phone and I check everything when I am at stores……my daughter thinks I have gone crazy, but I’m growing on her:)

  • Brianna says:

    I became vegetarian in 1970, a vegan in 2007, and am now transitioning into all cruelty free & vegan products. It is NOT an easy task! But with more & more vegans joining in the movement i finally have some guidance. Thank you for your diligent research and sharing, you’ll never know just how much help you are. Next is my quest for cf & v medicines (Rx and otc) Once i was in a drugstore walking down the pain relief aisle when something new caught my eye. I read the front of the box where it said it was for nerve pain which is something i’ve suffered with for years. Then i turned the box over and almost died right on the spot – the ingredient was COBRA VENOM! Needless to say i threw it back on the shelf once i recovered some from the shock. Since then i ask my pharmacists what my meds are made from and not a single one knows nor do they know of a website where you can find out the answers. People, this is our next step in our cruelty free and vegan journey.

    • Jacqueline Menz says:

      Yes!!! I could not agree more! All day I have been searching online for any OTC medicine that is vegan/cruelty free and cannot find a thing! We need to make medications available!
      Does anyone know if Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc. is still tested on animals? What can someone who cares about animals do if they need these types of medications???

      • Noelle Bell says:

        You can first of all start by shopping at an all natural store. Ex: Fresh Thyme, Raisin Rack, Whole Foods, etc… they will offer all natural supplements for this instead of chemically based medication. There will be a small bunny logo on the back if they don’t test in animals. You can also use an app called bunny free. You type in the brand name of said product and they tell you whether or not they test in animals or not. I hope you find this to be helpful.

      • Simon Varga says:

        Why put all that absolute poisoning “medicine” in your body, when we have CBD oil? Research the stuff…it’s God sent.

      • Varsha Ghosh says:

        I had actually been on med and any cream or lotion free regime as suggested by a homeopathic doctor. It didn’t make my life any different, my pain has stayed the same with or without meds. I used meds prescribed by a dermatologist when I got some kinda infection on my face during winter, I got told to avoid sun? I’m not photoallergic though. I use homeopathic meds sometimes, and I hope they all were cruelty free or I’ll have to ask, few that I know names of were plant based, or chemical element based and I know how they call homeopathy a lie these days and want to show all positive results as placebo effect. The dilution, all meds aren’t as diluted as they exaggerate it. I could taste and tell the difference between my two meds. There are few things it can treat, others it cannot but it really depends on the doctor, if they are for money or in there to cure you. I’ve usually had good results from the doctor I see. Oh though, no matter how progressive modern medicine system is,the most critical part is getting correctly diagnosed with the right equipments, knowing what ailment it exactly is. For medicines, even home remedies at home have a side effect on exceeding the limit and tablets or capsules in markets are already concentrated,people die anyway whether they choose a cozy death at home or forced by machines in hospitals. Majority would stress on curing with medications but I feel like the risk of losing more is not worth the gain. Ayurved though is purely plant based, they have no side effects so I don’t think they are tested on animals

      • Jenn says:

        Medication is always always tested on animals!!! You cannot put something in someone’s body without first testing it on animals. While I think this day in age when we can do so much with science we should be able to test medication differently. However it is still necessary to test on animals. Do not get me wrong I am very pro animal. So much that I love animals more than people. But what is the alternative give these medications to women and children without knowing if they will seize or die etc…so it is absolutely necessary to test but we must find a different way to do so. I believe it starts with animals then goes to like a clinical trial with humans. That’s how you find out the possible side effects.

        • Glenda Gillespie says:

          Some medicines that will hurt or kill animals are okay for humans so to me leave the animals out of it. In this day and age no need for the cruelty.

        • Ij ij says:

          You think animals and humans will have same reaction to medicines? I think they are unnecessarily killing these animals. Another thing, if you believe god created us, do you think he created animals to suffer in every imaginable and unimaginable way humans can think of?

          • Laura says:

            Unfortunately, they are unnecessarily killing these animals. March of Dimes is one of the worst… Less than 5% of charitable donations go to help the Children who need medical help. Instead, this so-called charity repeatedly conducts cruel and Unneeded testing on animals. Everyone should check out these organizations before they donate or they may just be contributing to more cruel animal tests

          • Sharon Chadwick says:

            I absolutely agree. If it’s so easy and not cruel then why don’t they test on humans? Why is torturing and animal ok????

          • Melanie Kaufman says:

            They don’t any more she’s wrong,it’s been stopped since the early 2000s.

        • Lee says:

          Test on humans
          We are animals and we are the ones wanting it so it should be tested on the humans wanting to supply in demand.

          • Petra Ussler says:

            Yes. I absolutely on your side. Any animal is more worth than a lot of human being. the “crown of the evolution

        • Laura says:

          Instead of testing on animals, we should test on people on death row, or even people in jail, with the results of that possibly Lessening their sentence. Science has proven time and time again that the effects of medications on animals are not the same as on people. And is it really necessary to force into animals doses of medications that are 100 or 1000 times the human dose? Rhetorical question. If I was dying of an illness I would willingly try a new medication knowing it may save my life or I may not, but at least I did not cause animals to die A horrendous death because of my greediness.

        • Kat Massey says:

          The alternative you stupid idiot,is to test on humans or testing involving machines in a chemistry lab.
          Anyone- anyone who says animal testing is ok or even needed should take the place of the poor being having these horrific, tortuous tests done on them.
          You are a horrible beast, not fit to be called human.

        • Melanie Kaufman says:

          That’s not true I was a part,of a world wide testing of a pain med.And was told and even watch two videos,atesting to that fact back in the 60s 70s.even till the 90s yes.Now they realize testing on them is cruel(yah no kidding).And is better on test human subjects.The drug was a huge success and,was granted patents in every country tested.But in this country it’s over 1,000 for a months supply FYI

    • Gema Hernandez says:

      I am now becoming more aware of cruelty free products and only using makeup and beauty products that are cruelty free, however i am still eating chicken and dairy products, would you recommend vegetarian first or go straight to vegan? Thank you!

      • Lore Lynn DeLaire says:

        I think it would be an easier transition to vegetarian versus vegan. I have been a vegetarian for 5 years and have just started making vegan meals. Starting out smaller is always easier.

      • Jaycee says:

        vegetarian first so your body adjusts

      • Yulia says:

        Go vegan.The only thing you will regret later that you didn’t do it earlier

      • Marina says:

        I just went from a complete carnivore (think Paleo lifestyle) to vegan two months ago, with only a short transition via vegetarian (2 weeks, while I finished up some yogurt and eggs purchased previously). I decided on vegan right away. I know it’s only been a short time, but no regrets so far and I do not find it hard, nor do I crave dairy products or eggs. It is a complete lifestyle revamp, and you will annoy all of your friends, but in my decision, I already knew that I did not want to partake in any animal products, so a longer transition would have only slowed down the process of where I wanted to be on my life journey. I know it helps that I live in the Bay Area and vegan food is easily available. I understand that not everyone is this lucky. If that’s the case, do whatever you can for now. Only you can decide. Just FYI, I did my own research to make sure I’m getting enough protein and vitamins and I believe that I do. Superfoods and vegan protein powder are very helpful for me in that respect. Can’t wait to see how I feel 6 mo and 1 yr from now 🙂

      • Veronica says:

        The transition to going full vegan is a little bit harder, specially if you’re addicted to cheese like many people. Cheese has an addictive protein called casein. But in any case, wether you’re doing it for the animals or your health, you should start by taking chicken off of your plate

      • Melanie Kaufman says:

        I have not eaten meat 46 years,I was 5 when I found out were meat came from.And had a screaming fit in,a supermarket about 10 years ago though I,stopped eating dairy cheese,animals milks etc.Its ex hard and I still have problems.Its been two years since you’re post,hopefully you’ve stopped at least the chicken?

    • francisco javier rubio says:

      100% right !!!!!!!

    • Nina Sirene says:

      It is the law that all medications are tested on animals ?

      • Coleen Kane says:

        Wtf all medications? This is insane. We’ve got prisons full of degenerates…. Hello leave the innocent animals alone. More and more I’ve come to really dislike “human beings” and prefer animals. They at least know what they are. I really can’t with people anymore.

        • Robyn Parker says:


        • Nancy says:

          I agree with you!

        • Sable says:

          OMG I thought I was the only person that felt that way! I live in an area of the country that sees animals as “less than” and I tend to annoy those around me with my opinion on this subject. I have worked in the prison system as a social worker for many years so I can attest to the fact they are degenerates that always want a freebie. So I say let them be free testing!

    • Patricia says:

      When you are vegan for awhile you will never again need any pharmaceutical drugs because your food will be your medicine. Besides being vegan, cut out junk food, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and eat organic veggies and fruit. The body will have a chance to heal itself.

    • Larri Sideris says:

      Well done! Everyone should be asking him/herself the same question.

    • Gisele says:

      Wow that’s insane! I never even thought about the medicines. Couldn’t agree more, that will probably be even more difficult but we really should have ingredients for all medicines!

    • Andreia Fernandes says:

      As a biochemist I think it’s likely that the compound “cobra venom” is indeed not extracted directly from a snake but either synthesized in the lab using cloning techniques and maybe bacteria. Maybe you could investigate that a bit…

  • Amy Marino says:

    Great site. Thanks for all this info!

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