Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Better Beauty Box (SPECIAL OFFER)

$34.99 / month

Renews monthly. Cancel anytime.

The #1 beauty box for animal lovers. This box is carefully-curated by Cruelty-Free Kitty and guarantees the following:

  • Verified cruelty-free brands only
  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • No parent companies that test on animals
  • Conscious, safe ingredients
  • Works for all skin types
  • Brands and products you’ll love
  • Up to $195 worth of product

We donate to animal charities like Beagle Freedom Project, who rehomes animals used in animal experiments.


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What’s more satisfying than a great beauty box? One that doesn’t harm animals! That’s why we’ve created our very own, tailored just right for animal lovers like yourself. You can expect high-quality skincare, makeup, and personal care in every package, all 100% cruelty-free vegan with no parent companies that test on animals. The best part? Each box contains up to $195 worth of products, so you don’t have to overpay for ethical cosmetics.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Delaney
Exactly what I wanted

I've always wanted a monthly beauty box subscription but I also only buy cruelty free products. I try to find new cruelty free companies and products on my own when I go to the stores but with this box I finally get all these great cruelty free products that I know are cruelty free and I absolutely love it. I will have more choices now when looking for new companies to support.

Aisling Howley
Great value for money

After receiving my first two boxes, I already have several new favorite makeup pieces. The CFC subscription box is great value for money.

Carolyn Peschke

Too much glittery makeup for me. Loved the hair products. Would like to see more skin care products and less makeup

Iria Cabado
A really good way to test new products

Im really happy with the cruelty free kitty box. It’s a really good way to test new products. The worst parte for me is that in Spain we pay more shipping costs and also taxes when the package arrives and that makes the box more expensive.

Mish James
Love this box!

I receive a few different beauty subscription boxes each month but, by far cruelty Free Kitty is my favorite! There is no need to research each product to make sure it's something I can use or not. Each item is picked out with thoughtfulness and consideration. I love knowing that there is not an animal suffering so that I can enjoy self care. Everytime I get this box I look over at my beautiful fur baby and give her a big hug. I couldn't imagine her being tested on and that keeps me on my toes about being cruelty Free. I appreciate all the effort that goes into making this box!


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