It’s been 8 months since Cruelty Free Kitty launched and I’m so excited about everything! It’s crazy to think that the site consistently gets over 1,000 visitors every day now! I want to thank each and every reader for your wonderful support. Thank you for coming back, and thank you for loving cruelty-free beauty as much as I do! I thought I might take this opportunity to speak from the heart, while also sharing a few blogging tips I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) from my first 8 months of blogging.

Being Myself

When I first started the blog, I tried to be objective and impersonal, which is frankly a terrible idea for any blog. The last thing I want is boring, robotic content that doesn’t let my personality shine through. But I was scared. And I still am to some degree.

What if people don’t get my sense of humor??? What if I say something rude? Or worse, what if something I say sounds weird?! But the thing is: I love being weird. And if someone doesn’t get my humor, so what?

My point is that I’ve been increasingly comfortable with showing a bit more of my actual personality on this blog, and it feels so much better! Even writing this personal post feels freeing.

Lots Of Work!

Another thing: blogging is seriously time-consuming! From all the time I spend researching companies to taking pictures to writing the posts to creating graphics, this is hours and hours of work.

All the time I’ve spent on this blog has been extremely rewarding, don’t get me wrong, but you don’t know how time-consuming running a blog is until you start one! The good news is that tasks will only take forever in the beginning, and you’ll eventually learn how to blog faster and more efficiently.

Some People Suck

This brings me to dealing with negative comments and shitty people slash haters who try to tear down your hard work. As a cruelty-free beauty blogger, I never thought I would ever have to deal with so-called haters. But some rare commentators  are just so ill-intentioned that they definitely fit this label.

PSA: Trashing someone’s blog or person because they don’t share your opinions makes you a moron. There’s more than one way of looking at the world! And I also realized, after 8 long months of blogging, that hateful or negative comments are really more about the hater’s issue than about you or your blog.

If you’re a new blogger, don’t ever let that negativity affect you, because the person who left you a nasty comment just happened to be on your blog. They would have left a negative comment on any other blog (and probably did).

Working Smarter

Another thing I’ve learned is that blogging-time should be spent wisely. I used to spend so much time tweaking my theme, but really, moving my sidebar 1px to the left isn’t going to bring anything to my blog!

I’ve learned to calm down with the details and focus on what’s actually going to grow my blog. These things are different for everyone. For example, if Facebook is where a great deal of your traffic comes from, then focus on Facebook. Optimize your Facebook content, post more, join groups.

See Also

Basically: do more of what gives you results and less of the small stuff.

Be Afraid!

One last thing: when I first started this blog, I was pushing myself out of my e-comfort zone. I was fairly proactive: I joined communities and social media and started interacting with complete strangers. I shared my posts. I asked to guest post on my favorite cruelty-free blog (and I was so stoked when they said yes!).

This all helped me start off on the right foot, and I remember being nervous and excited and revved up. And these are the feelings I always want to get from blogging. Once it feels boring, it means I’m not growing my blog.

To sum everything up, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • 1. You have to be personal, be yourself, and build a relationship with your audience.
  • 2. Blogging is time-consuming. I love everything about it, but sometimes it sucks to spend 6 hours on a list-post.
  • 3. Hateful comments should always be ignored, because they’re literally meaningless.
  • 4. Spend the most time on what brings you the most reward.
  • 5. Do things that make you nervous and you’ll grow! This definitely applies to blogging.

If anyone wants to share their own experience, don’t hesitate to comment! Let me know if you have any questions about this blog or blogging in general. You can contact me personally. If you liked this post, follow me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter to keep in touch.

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  • Great tips! As a brand new CF blogger, I am in awe of your site and success! I love everything you do and will definitely be using all of your tips…and I love the idea of asking to guest post on other blogs! Maybe I can even sneak onto your site in the near future 😉

  • Aw thanks so much, I made the theme myself. I have no idea where to direct you for something similar unfortunately, but I MIGHT start making some themes in the near future! Love your name btw. 🙂

  • I really want to start a beauty blog reviewing products ( Im a makeup junkie) but Im starting college this fall. Do you think its possible to manage a blog and school?

  • Hi Suzi, your site is fantastic! I just stumbled upon it today while looking for blogging tips. I have literally read all your posts on blogging one after another….so honest and thorough:) Wishing you lots more success in the future. Jessie x

  • Hey Suzi,

    Loved these tips as I am recently a new blogger myself, I hadn’t thought about blogging until I found a passion for something and really wanted to tell others about it and know more. I had have a lot of support so far and it has really surprised me but just encouraged me to keep going.

    How did you get into blogging?


    • Hi Emma! That’s actually a very similar story to how I got started too! All I knew is that I wanted to make a cruelty-free site to share brand policies and information about animal testing.

  • Thanks so much for this post suzi, i’m launching my blog on Friday 1st march and i am just getting braced up for all that it will bring along. Your tips have been so helpful.

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