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Organic & Cruelty-Free Oral Care From Dr. Brite

There’s a brand new cruelty-free dental care brand out there, and we’re loving it! Dr. Brite is a women-owned company that offers 100% natural toothpaste, mouthwash, and whitening products. This means that their products are safe for the whole family (yes, even the pets!) while also being effective.


Dr. Brite products pictured above:

  • Vitamin C Infused Whitening Toothpaste
  • Revitalizing Mouth Rinse
  • Peroxide Free Whitening Pen (Mint)
  • Pet Pure Teeth And Gum Cleaning Pen
  • Pet Pure Cleansing Oral Spray

Their most popular product is by far their Whitening Pen, whose active ingredient is food grade hydrogen peroxide. It’s super easy to use, and each pen will last for about 20 to 30 uses.


Here are just some of the reasons why we’re loving Dr. Brite!

No Animal Testing

Dr. Brite doesn’t test any finished products on animals, nor do they purchase ingredients from suppliers that might test on animals. They also don’t have distributors in China (where animal testing is mandatory).

Even better, they’re certified by the Leaping Bunny! As you might already know, the vast majority of oral care you can find at the drugstore is tested on animals. To me, this is a big no-no. Finding a good cruelty-free toothpaste and mouthwash isn’t the easiest thing to hunt down, but Dr. Brite’s one of the companies that are here to make our quest simple!


Good Ingredients

All the ingredients in Dr. Brite products are 100% natural, and many of them are organic. They use xylitol, a natural sweetener for the sweet taste, and everything is free from SLS and contains no fluoride.

Affordable Prices

Natural and organic products are generally expensive, but Dr. Brite strives to keep the price points as low as possible to make sure that everyone can benefit from their safer, non-toxic oral care.

Their Whitening Toothpaste and their Revitalizing Mouth Rinse are priced at $9 each, and their Peroxide Free Whitening Pen is only $20. Their pet products are $15 each.

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They Give Back

When you make a purchase from Dr. Brite, you’re also funding the Dr. Brite grassroots educational program, which teaches children about the importance of oral care and non-toxic lifestyle. For every purchase, Dr. Brite also helps provide their safe oral care products to those in need.

A Pet Line

One of the best parts about this company is their line made exclusively for pets, Pet Pure. For both dogs and cats, they first of all offer a Teeth And Gum Cleaning Pen, which is similar to the (human!) whitening pen. They also offer a Cleansing Oral Spray, which makes it easy to keep your pet’s teeth cleaner and their breath fresh.

I love how all the ingredients are human-grade, some being even organic. Our pets deserve the very best, and I would never use anything that isn’t human-grade on my pets.


Bottom Line

It’s super nice to discover a full line of oral care that’s cruelty-free and natural, and I love their pet line! You can purchase Dr. Brite products from their official website HERE.

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