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My Fantastic iHerb Haul + Experience (+ 5$ Coupon For New Customers!)

Oh, iHerb! Where do I even begin?! I’ve had the best experience with them. iHerb is quickly becoming my go-to for drugstore essentials. They hold a TON more natural + cruelty-free brands in stock than my local drugstore, not to mention they have way better prices.

What’s iHerb?

It’s a huge online store that offers natural products. If you’re a cruelty-free or vegan shopper, you’ll find all the essentials you need there. Skincare, bath products, oral care, shampoo, deodorant, cleaning products… you name it.

What’s so good about iHerb?

It’s been a struggle for me to find ALL my cruelty-free essentials in a one-stop location. If you’re a conscientious shopper, you know how impossible it is to find ethical brands in drugstores.

For this haul, I managed to find everything from dish soap to shampoo — all 100% cruelty-free. They also offer free shipping to the USA, and they ship worldwide.

My iHerb Experience

Bath & Beauty and Healthy Home are the sections I shopped and loved. There’s a huge selection of products and you’ll see how great the prices are. You can also shop by brand, which was useful for me since they carry some of my favorite brands!


I ended up picking up:

(Psst… If you want me to review any of these products, let me know!)

The best part of this haul?

My package arrived the very next day! I kid you not. I don’t know how they pulled off this extra-fast shipping miracle, but they did.

Inside the package, all the potentially leaky items were individually wrapped in sealed bags. Thank you iHerb! Thoughtful and smart. A free shower cap was also included!

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Bottom Line

I freaking love iHerb. I love the huge selection of cruelty-free products, the good prices, the extra-fast shipping. I love the reviews on their site, making it easy to say yes or no to a product.

They also ship worldwide. I’ve gotten a lot of questions from international readers asking me where to find cruelty-free products in their countries. I would highly recommend iHerb!

Aaaand I have a coupon for new customers!

Use the code WSD078 for $5 off your entire order! Try iHerb out for yourself and see.

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