I was shocked to learn that over 5 million children die each year from water-related illnesses. When they came across this statistic, Bill Glaab and Courtney Apple decided to do something to help. Thats’s how their ethical business, Hand in Hand, was born.

It’s really refreshing to find a brand that gives back, especially in such a major way. Clean water saves lives. It’s essential, yet not all of us across the globe have access to it. I’m excited to tell you more about Hand in Hand today, a bath & body brand that donates soap and clean water to children in need.

Hand in Hand has donated over 970,000 bars of soap to children in need since they started their social enterprise in 2011. They’re on track to hit 1 million donations this year — and we can all help! They’ve also built or repaired 4 wells since 2013 to bring clean water to thousands of families.

Initially, they focused on making bars of soap and used a simple model: for each bar of soap purchased, one is donated. Today, they expanded their line beyond soap bars, and they continue to donate a bar of soap and 1-month of clean water for each product sold.

Hand in Hand has a 3-step process to baby-soft skin: suds, scrub, soothe. This means: a bar of soap to wash up, a body scrub to exfoliate, and a body lotion to moisturize. You can purchase any product individually, but I recommend getting the Ultimate Skin Essentials Set ($38) — the trifecta, which has it all.

And by the way, I love that Hand in Hand makes a clear statement about being Palm Oil Free. Palm oil is linked to massive deforestation which is detrimental to the animal population (especially orangutans, which are on their way to becoming extinct as a result) and to the environment. Even companies that are “cruelty-free” and “vegan” sometimes use palm oil, and I’m so glad that Hand in Hand is aware of this issue and speaks out against the use of palm oil.

This brand gets a LOT of points for being socially and environmentally conscious… “But what about the actual products?”, you might ask. I tried their Sea Salt set, and it’s fab. The scent is very light and pleasant if you’re into the beachy, salty, and minty vibe. They don’t have an endless list of ingredients you can’t pronounce; they stick to a few ingredients and they’re almost 100% natural — like 99%, and they’re aiming for 100.

The range of products comes in 4 different scents: Coral, Lavender, Orange Blossom, and Sea Salt. Orange Blossom and Lavender have obvious notes, but the “Coral” scent has notes of bergamot, eucalyptus, red tea, and basil. It’s described as “fresh and uplifting”. The Sea Salt scent (this is the one I tried) is one I would describe as beachy and minty. The fragrance is all natural.

My thoughts on the products…

BAR SOAP — $6 | The soap was creamy and left my skin soft — it’s infused with Shea and Cocoa Butter, both fair trade of course.

SUGAR SCRUB — $18 | The body scrub comes in a squeeze tube, which is oh-so-conveninent when you’re in the shower. Ain’t nobody got time to deal with jars and lids. It also left my skin SO soft.

BODY LOTION — $16 | This moisturizer is light-weight yet moisturizing, and the scent is subtle and minty. It also comes in a huge squeeze-tube and will last a while. No more dry or rough skin.

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Thank you to Hand in Hand for sponsoring this post and giveaway, and thank you for reading. I’m honored to collaborate with ethical brands and share their mission with you!