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Hand and Body Moisturizers for Dry Skin: Current Picks

If you live somewhere with harsh winters like I do, or if your legs get irritated from shaving, you probably want a body moisturizer that’s efficient enough for dry skin. For these reasons, I look for ultra-nourishing moisturizers no matter the season. Here are my current favorites.


BODY: Lush Sikkim Girls. Granted, this is a Limited Edition product, but it’s SO good. It’s based on one of Lush’s perfumes (look it up here!), whose scent is described as sensual and exotic, and I have to agree. It has notes of Jasmine and Tuberose, which might sound boring, but this fragrance is one of the least boring I’ve ever sampled. As for the moisturizer, it’s so amazingly rich and moisturizing, yet doesn’t feel sticky or yucky at all. The subtle scent lingers on my skin ALL DAY and it smells amazing. If there’s one word to describe Sikkim Girls moisturizer, it would be luxurious. I’m so happy I grabbed two of these during Lush’s 50% off sale last year.

HANDS: Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream. While this citrus-scented potion is intended to be a cuticle cream, it makes an awesome winter hand moisturizer! Not only is it rich and thick, but it smells great. I used to get cracked dry hands in the winter, but that stopped when I started using this hand cream every morning before facing the cold.


BODY: The Body Shop Body Butter in White Musk. The Body Shop has a very wide range of “Body Butters”, which is pretty much code for “good moisturizer for dry skin”. Their White Musk Body Butter just happens to be what I’m currently using, but I’m equally in love with their Pink Grapefruit one, their Shea Butter one, and their Mango one, which I’ve been a loyal fan of for at least 10 years.

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HANDS: The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream. If you love rose scents and hate having dry hands, get your hands on this lovely rose-scented moisturizer. With an SPF of 15, it’s the perfect summer hand moisturizer, as it doesn’t leave a greasy residue and absorbs quickly while still providing moisture. Unlike a lot of rose-scented products, this one smells like actual rose petals; it’s as if you were smelling a live rose! So good.

P.S. The faux sheepskin in the picture is from Ikea!

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