Because I’ve mentioned so many of my favorite Lush buys recently, I figured I might as well balance things out by stating what I think are some of the worst, most disappointing Lush products. Basically, here’s a small list of the worst 3 Lush products I’ve tried, that you shouldn’t ever buy.

1. Dreamwash. This did absolutely nothing for me, and didn’t leave my skin soft. It’s a shower smoothie, meaning you use it to moisturize your body in the shower and then rinse it off. Lush has a few amazing shower smoothies but this one isn’t, in my opinion, one of them. It has a whole bunch of calamine which is supposed to relieve redness and irritation, but I didn’t find that to be the case. On top of everything, it smells awful.

2. Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder. My main issue with this body powder is that its third ingredient is talc. I know that Lush isn’t a totally natural and health-conscious company, but I also don’t think that talc is such a necessary ingredient to use. They do have plenty of dusting powders without it, and those are tolerable. But this one is pretty much just glorified and overpriced baby powder.

3. Godiva Shampoo Bar. Lush’s shampoo bars in general are advertized as ultra-natural alternatives to industrial shampoo, when in fact they’re Sodium Laureth Sulfate bombs. One of their SLS-containing liquid shampoos, Big, is one of my guilty pleasures, but these solid shampoo bars just don’t do the trick. Annoying to use, drying, and they pretty much contain nothing but SLS and a few drops of essential oils or pieces of dried herbs to give the illusion of a natural product. Godiva is their most conditioning one and smells great, but that’s about it. Not a fan of their shampoo bars.