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You can ask me a question any time using the Ask Suzi form. Before you do, give the following FAQ a glance to make sure your question isn’t already answered!

Cruelty-Free Questions

1. Is X cruelty-free?

Make sure to search the site before asking about specific companies. If you can’t find the brand, feel free to suggest it using the form.

2. X claims to be cruelty-free! Why is it on your list of brands that test on animals?

Please read the fine print in their policy!

If they’re on my list of brands that test on animals, they do. Most likely, they test on animals where required by law (i.e. in mainland China).

3. Are products Made in China tested on animals?

Products being “made in China” has no impact on their cruelty-free status. A company tests on animals in China only if they SELL cosmetics there.

4. What’s your definition of cruelty-free?

No animal testing is performed on the finished products or ingredients at any point during production, either by the company, its suppliers, or any third parties. Suppliers don’t test on animals. No animal testing where required by law.

5. How can something be cruelty-free if it contains animal ingredients?

“Cruelty-free” products are products that weren’t tested on animals, but they’re not necessarily vegan. Vegan products contain no animal ingredients.

A product can be cruelty-free and not vegan, or vegan and not cruelty-free.

Personal Questions

1. Where do you live?


2. Why did you switch to cruelty-free products?

Because torturing animals is messed up, and I don’t want to support it. Please read my post about the cruelty-free revolution to learn more.

3. How do you feel about PETA?

Overall I can’t say I support PETA or agree with their decisions, but they’re also doing a lot of good for animals.

As far as their cruelty-free list, it was a big resource for me when I switched to cruelty-free products. It’s not always the most accurate, so I prefer doing my own research now.

4. What do you do for a living?

I’m a full-time blogger! Before this, I was a translator.

5. What photography equipment do you use?

For flatlays, I’ve recently started using this Manfrotto MT190xPRO3 Tripod with this Manfrotto head.

6. Where can I follow you on social media?

You can follow me here:

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Kiss & Make-up

Ohhh you were a translator? Cool 🙂 What languages?


Mainly English to French! 🙂

Kiss & Make-up

The Canadian thing should have been a giveaway 🙂 C’est cool ça, moi aussi j’ai travaillé pour un bureau de traduction pour un petit moment.


Ah, quelles langues? Pour un bon moment, mon reve etait de faire mes etudes a Geneve et de travailler a Bruxelles. 🙂


No way, j’ai habite a Lausanne pendant une annee recemment! Meme chose pour moi avec la traduction. Tu fais quoi maintenant?

Kiss & Make-up

Oh wow, what a coincidence! I freelance now (blog, news website, travel column).


Could you elaborate a bit on your stance on what makes something cruelty free.

You say no animal testing on the finished
product or ingredients, by the
company, its suppliers or third parties. And that it doesn’t have to be vegan to be cruelty free, which to some point I understand. However I wonder what your view is on products that aren’t vegetarian? Do you include products that have animal substances for which an animal has to be dead before it can be used? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer this!


Yes, “cruelty-free” only means there’s no animal testing involved. I look for brand policies to ensure they’re cruelty-free (no animal testing at any point, like mentioned in the FAQ) but you should check the ingredients of the individual product to make sure they’re vegan or vegetarian.


Ok that’s good to know. I personally don’t agree with cruelty free meaning that it only doesn’t involve animal testing. To me a product can not be cruelty free if an animal needs to dead for it to be made. To me it also can’t be cruelty free if it’s made by people under poor conditions. Some Dutch and UK blogs I follow also use these guidelines for a company to be classified as cruelty free so I wrongly assumed that was the same here.

Thanks a lot for answering!