Estée Lauder just acquired BECCA, a beloved cruelty-free brand. Before the acquisition, BECCA was 100% cruelty-free and had no plans of entering the Chinese market, where animal testing is required by law for cosmetics.

It’s still unclear whether or not BECCA will remain cruelty-free after the acquisition, but it doesn’t look promising.

Estée Lauder is pushing for the global expansion of the brand, and as you know, China is a huge market for cosmetics.

Here’s the statement from Estée Lauder chief executive Fabrizio Freda:

“We believe Becca Cosmetics is ready to be leveraged further.

We are well positioned to add amazing resources in social media, product development, research and development, and access to suppliers around the world. The other big resource is the access to global markets.”

They also claimed that the Asia-Pacific region is a key to this expansion.

The last cosmetics brand bought by Estée Lauder was Smashbox back in 2010. Smashbox lost its cruelty-free status when it started selling products in mainland China, where animal testing is required by law. Even though they eventually pulled out of China, Smashbox still technically “tests on animals where required by law”.

We’re hoping that BECCA will retain its cruelty-free policy and ethics, and won’t be passed down the “unless required by law” of its parent company.

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  • Jordana R

    This is so sad. I only started using BECCA products a few months ago and they had quickly become one of my favourite cruelty free brands. They have been telling people on social media that they’ll be remaining cruelty free but I seriously doubt it. That statement from Lauder doesn’t sound too promising either does it 🙁

    • Yes unfortunately, they often claim to be cruelty-free regardless of “required by law” testing. 🙁

  • cat’s got cream

    I am so annoyed at this I can’t even find words. I am currently writing up my own cruelty-free brand list for my new blog and this could not have happened at a worse time. I really loved their highlighters and was about to buy a new one, glad I didn’t yet.

  • Honestly, with the direction BECCA was already headed [new inferior formulas, collabs with shady people, etc.], I’d already started avoiding the brand. So this isn’t surprising that yet another brand has put profit over morals.

  • julia ❀


  • Alcid Jacobs

    This makes me so mad. Becca is a brand I love and support and they are going to lose so many customers after selling out to Estee Lauder, including me. I really enjoy their concealer and matte foundation, but now I will not be repurchasing it and will have to find another alternative.

  • Monique

    This is so angering, why are these brands selling out left and right! It’s like you finally find a cruelty free brand that you like and then its only a matter of time before they become popular enough to sell out to a larger company.

  • shannon

    Just when I was considering purchasing their products then I saw the news…. It makes me so sad.

  • CarolCats

    Oh, no! I had planned to purchase the Becca eye shadow palette this weekend. I refuse to purchase any cosmetics owned by the huge parent companies that sell cosmetics to China. I am certain that other cosmetic companies feature eye shadow palettes as attractive as Becca. Physicians Formula sells a nice eye shadow quad; I have used this same quad for the past several years.

  • Charlie Stout


  • Hannah Peavy

    ESTEE LAUDER NEEDS TO STOP BUYING MY FAV BRANDS I already had to quit smash box and MAC for Pete’s sake L’Oreal and Estee Lauder just want the entire makeup industry I s2g…

  • Kelly

    Nooo! This brand quickly became one of my favorites. Once again.. 2 steps forward and 5 steps back. Disappointing.

  • Karen

    And now Too Faced joins Estee Lauder.

  • I know what you mean! They just paste whatever they believe to be relevant, because they don’t understand your question. Dealing with crappy customer service can be pretty frustrating.

  • Brittni Herrera

    so have they officially become not cruelty free??

    • No, they’re still cruelty-free. My concern is that they might start selling in China in the long run.

  • julie

    Are people aware that almost all medically associated charities fund animal experiments? I found out by accident and was appalled. no need for it.they will never receive anything from me again.