If you’re into the dewy look, you’ll want to hear all about this. Cruelty-free skincare and makeup brand Glossier recently came out with a brand new highlighter, and get this: it’s infused with real crystals!

It’s the Haloscope Highlighter ($22) and it’s available in 2 shades: Quartz and Topaz. These should suit almost every skintone.


Siq Branding

I can’t mention Glossier without talking about their amazing branding! Their packaging is fab, and they know how to brighten your day. Their positive motto (above) pops up as soon as you open the box, and how cute is the 3-eyed smiley face? Look at it!!!



There’s some good stuff in these highlighters. Some of the main ingredients are Castor Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil. There’s no parabens or fragrance.

Unfortunately these highlighters are not vegan, as they both contain Beeswax. The shade Quartz also uses Carmine as a pigment.

They also contain real crystals as part of the ingredients list. Quartz contains real quartz, and Topaz contains real topaz.


Product + Application

These are super creamy and blend like a dream. The center of the stick is what mainly provides a lot of moisture, with the “solid oil core”. They’re really hydrating but also pigmented and glowy.

I was surprised at how smooth and easy these are to use. You swipe them over your cheekbones and highlight areas, and blend out the product with your fingers.

They become one with your skin, and the finish is a beautiful sheen that is not glittery at all.



Here are swatches on pale skin with warm undertones.


Verdict + Where To Buy

Two thumbs up for the Glossier Haloscope Highlighter ($22). It’s a beautiful highlighter that’s quick and easy to use, creamy, and has no glitter. You can use it on your cheekbones, inner eye corners, cupid’s bow, nose, or anywhere you want to highlight. It also looks really pretty on the eyelids.

It’s perfect to get your glow on when you’re in a hurry, and you should definitely check out Glossier if you’re into a natural and low-maintenance yet polished look.

You can buy it from



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