The Best Cruelty-Free Mascaras

best cruelty-free mascara

Twice The Sex (23$)

Did you ever buy a mascara after hearing a fellow makeup-lover rave about it, only to be disappointed once you try it on yourself?

Just like one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, one girl’s holy grail mascara is another girl’s let-down. Mascara is subjective: those of us with shorter lashes seek a boost in length, some of us seek dramatic voluminous lashes, and some of  us are looking for a natural look. This is why there is no single best mascara for everyone. We all have different lashes, preferences, and needs. I’m a volume girl myself, but I still like my lashes to be neat and separated.

Without further ado, here are the best cruelty-free mascaras I’ve found for length, volume, and of course — for both of these combined, if you’re going for the falsies look.

Best Natural Mascara

If you want insanely long and thick eyelashes, skip ahead. But if you’re looking for a more subtle mascara that doesn’t scream “I’m wearing mascara” yet makes your eyelashes look fantastic and clump-free, you’ll love Physician’s Formula’s Organic Wear mascara. Great for sensitive eyes, too.

best natural mascara

Best Lengthening Mascara

Topping every other high-end mascara, E.L.F.’s Mineral Infusion mascara is your best choice if you’re looking for a lengthening mascara. Its skinny yet dense silicone brush helps to add length and definition to each individual lash. Get it here for 3$. Tip: silicone brushes are what you should look for if you want lengthening mascara

Best Volumizing Mascara

If you haven’t tried Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes mascara, you should. This is the best mascara if you want thick lashes, period. It’s buildable and doesn’t clump, even after 3 coats. The formula is neither too thick nor too runny, making it the sweet spot for holding a curl.
best volumizing mascara

Best Dramatic Mascara

When I first tried Better Than Sex by Too Faced, I was blown away. It lengthens, volumizes, and makes my lashes look out-of-this-world. Its secret? Extra stiff bristles + perfect thick formula = instant false lash effect. The hourglass-shaped brush helps you get all those stubborn inner and outer lashes, framing your whole eye evenly. Too Faced currently has a deal going on this called Twice The Sex — you get a full size mascara and a deluxe sample for 23$, plus free shipping over 50$.
best dramatic mascara