Caudalie is NOT a cruelty-free company. They test their products on animals in China.

Don’t be fooled by the cruelty-free claim on their official website:

Since its creation, Caudalie has always been opposed to animal testing and does not test on animals in compliance with EU regulations. We use alternative methods to test our compounds and our finished products. Moreover, we do not use animal ingredients.

…unless it’s required by chinese law. Caudalie’s founder, Mathilde Thomas, on Caudalie being sold in China:

Caudalie’s position has not changed. We remain against animal testing and we don’t test our ingredients and formulas on animals. We are now selling our products in China and Chinese government reserves the right to conduct tests with cosmetic products but I have hope this situation will change soon by outside pressure.

In other words, Caudalie does test on animals when the law requires it, which makes their cruelty-free claim meaningless. The brand even lost its Leaping Bunny logo over this matter.

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I’ve been trying ti find a cruelty free cleansing water for (what feels like) forever. Can you recommend one?


Jessica Wong

Update: Micellar water from Marcelle is incredible. I think it’s only available in Canada though (I’m unaware of your location). It’s expensive but it’s cruelty free and it takes off makeup incredibly well without drying out the skin


Correction: the Chinese government buys the products from Caudalie in order to conduct the tests. Caudalie themselves do not conduct the tests. This is clear in their statement and this is common practice for many cruelty free brands that sell in China.


Val, the Chinese government does not “buy” the products, and it’s the company itself that has to finance the tests. It might be common practice, but it doesn’t change that it’s animal cruelty.


I just bought their product thinking that it was cruelty-free, as they’ve claimed.. Now I am disappointed.