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  • Amy Marino

    Great site. Thanks for all this info!

  • Brianna

    I became vegetarian in 1970, a vegan in 2007, and am now transitioning into all cruelty free & vegan products. It is NOT an easy task! But with more & more vegans joining in the movement i finally have some guidance. Thank you for your diligent research and sharing, you’ll never know just how much help you are. Next is my quest for cf & v medicines (Rx and otc) Once i was in a drugstore walking down the pain relief aisle when something new caught my eye. I read the front of the box where it said it was for nerve pain which is something i’ve suffered with for years. Then i turned the box over and almost died right on the spot – the ingredient was COBRA VENOM! Needless to say i threw it back on the shelf once i recovered some from the shock. Since then i ask my pharmacists what my meds are made from and not a single one knows nor do they know of a website where you can find out the answers. People, this is our next step in our cruelty free and vegan journey.

    • Jacqueline Menz

      Yes!!! I could not agree more! All day I have been searching online for any OTC medicine that is vegan/cruelty free and cannot find a thing! We need to make medications available!
      Does anyone know if Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc. is still tested on animals? What can someone who cares about animals do if they need these types of medications???

  • Sara Sample

    I have the Cruelty Cutter app on my phone and I check everything when I am at stores……my daughter thinks I have gone crazy, but I’m growing on her:)

    • Jacqueline Menz


  • Macy Bailey

    Thank you for creating this website. I’m working on making a stand for animals and becoming a cruelty free product user. I’m putting aside products that were tested on animals. I think that animal testing could and should be stopped and all companies and brands should make non animal tested products. There are different and equally effective ways to test products that we should get the word out about to help save our furry friends. I’m making the change, you should too. 🙂

  • Mackenzie Burgess

    Hi all! I am new to the world of seeking out ONLY cruelty free cosmetic/skin/haircare brands. I really enjoy experimenting with indy brands, and would love to find out if anyone knows if a brand by the name of Gerard Cosmetics is cruelty free? it is an up and coming brand, and my research hasnt turned up any answers yet. Also, if you all know of any great up and coming indy brands that are cruelty free, please let me know! Thankyou!

  • Hey Sharon, happy new year! For shampoo and conditioner, have you tried Shea Moisture? They’re cruelty-free and available at Ulta.

  • Zulakka

    Hi Judith i buy all my soaps , shampoos, laundry everything from the Co-Op supermarket they are BUAV registered and i must say there stuff is reasonably priced too and it smells great..:)

  • Mumaus

    Hey there. I’m in desperate search for a vegan/cruelty-free conditionner-detangler. My hair is very long, wavy and dry (some grey hair on the roots, which are colored darker than the rest, which is different shades of blonde). I only need to wash it once a week. I have tried several kinds of cruelty-free leave-in conditionners, but I still struggle a lot with tangles after that. What leave-in product can you recommend me? Thank you so much for all your help. Have a good day ladies, and gents of course 😉

    • Diamond

      I tried one awhile ago called Original Sprout. I got it from amazon

      • Mumaus

        thanks. Is it ok? Because I have very long hair and after it has been washed, the real work starts 😉

    • Beth Boatright

      Kevin Murphy products, hands down. They’re expensive (like $30-40 for a bottle of conditioner), but I have kind of troublesome hair and it really seems to work miracles. I get it at my salon, but it’s also available on Amazon.

  • whitelion

    Hello darling, right now I’m into my transition to all cruelty free/vegan products. I’m worried because I use my hair all beached and I love my white hair. I’ve been dyeing my hair with the Italian brand Alfaparf, I totally love them but as I’m doing my research I’ve found that they are not associated to PETA or anything like that, however, people and many researches say they are in fact cruelty free. Anyone is 100% sure? do you know? I think and hope they are cruelty free but I can’t find anything sure.
    Same for the argentinian brand Plusbelle, looks like many latin brands are not that famous but cruelty free.

    • Hello! EU-based companies can’t test on animals but there are some loopholes. Contact them and ask them if their suppliers test on animals, and if they test on animals where required by law.

  • Hi there, Im definitley doing so many things these days CrueltyFree make-up too and still learning but Im eating more Vegetarian(now 3-4 x a week. Its taking more time than I thought for me to quit totally. HERES WHY: Ive always eaten Vegetarian food as my Mothers side is Indian. I Wanna be a Total Vegan but its terribly difficult as I have 2 auto immune disorders ie Coeliac Disease and Morbhus Durhing!! I feel torn as I was told its very complicated already due to me having a GlutenFree and WheatFree permanent diet let alone be a strict Vegan!! Are there many Vegan Coeliacs out there? Im happy to be allergic to Shelled fish so all I can and still eat is fish. I love eggs I still eat that too. Now I place mostly Vegetarian or fish food pics on My Instagram. Thnx Jk

  • Guadalupe Inés Tizón

    Hi! Anyone knows about Paco Rabanne parfums? And Abercrombie & Fitch?

  • Anna Clarke

    superdrug is a great place to start, all of their own brand products are certified cruelty free