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Bengali Girl

I just came across two products that are not listed on your awesome list- Cake beauty and Hikari. Could you please let me know if they are cruelty free?

Ren Shane

So Eco make cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable makeup brushes, but I haven’t been able to find any information on what the bristles are made from. I have emailed and am awaiting a response so that you might list them as CF and vegan.


All their bristles are synthetic/vegan!


Hi Aisling and thank you so much! With Kat Von D, you could say that LVMH owns brands that are not cruelty-free. Kendo is a cruelty-free branch though.

Aisling O'Connor

Brill, thanks for that Suzi

Taylor Ehrlick

Helloo, does anyone know of any cruelty free products that are similar to Wella?

Brooklyn Barrella

Dear Brooklyn,

Thank you for your mail. All our products are cruelty free and we do not test on animals. We are a 100% Natural, Plant based and Vegan company. We do not currently sell in China.

Feel free to write back if you have questions.

Best regards,


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Just thought this would help (it’s sold at ulta).


Hi Suzi! I recently came across a brand called Sleek Makeup. Their Parent company is the Walgreens Boots Alliance, and I was wondering if you knew if Sleek was cruelty free? I’ve seen several posts stating that they are,however it’s hard to find on their website and the blog posts are from early 2016. Thanks for everything and your hard work on this wonderful blog!

Laurie Mecca

Re: Perricone. Perricone is NOT cruelty free. They sell in China where animal testing is conducted. Therefore, Perricone is NOT a cruelty free company. Just because a company claims to be cruelty free in the US does not mean that they are a cruelty free company 🙁


Colorescience. A friend of mine recommended them and say they are cruelty free, but I can’t find evidence either way (there is a small statement in their FAQs that says no animal testing, but I find many companies have this and aren’t telling the truth). Do you know anything about this company?